Monday, July 29, 2013

Notes from Lizzie Borden's Bed and Breakfast Part Three

On Sunday July 21, 2013, I went to the Lizzie Borden House with over a dozen other people. I do believe the final count was thirteen. It usually is.
Most of us spend from Thursday to Sunday at Necon, a horror writers conference in Rhode Island, and then go to Lizzie's. Some people only go to Lizzie's and the combos are different every year.
This  year, I finally got to go at the same time as Heather Graham. I'd finally talked her into going and then I didn't get there for a few years. So this time, we were there together.

Once Necon was wrapped up and our little group said our good-byes to the last con stragglers and off we went to hunt down Lovecraft's Grave. Being brain dead from four sleepless days of yakity yaking, it was like herding cats but we eventually arrived at H.P.'s marker.

We posed for pictures and then went on our way to the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.

Once at Lizzie's, we went out for dinner which was followed by a tour for some and a radio show for others. Almost everyone had a chance to share his or her key past experience on the radio show.   Supernatural Radio Show Live from Lizzie Borden archive

I needed to take a break from all the frantic energy for a while so we all went outside for a breath of air and smokes for those who partake.

It was a lovely night, possibly too muggy for some people but I've experienced much more oppressive heat here in Toronto so it didn't disturb me.

After clearing my head for a bit, we all gathered in the living room or the dying room, I guess. We placed a candle in the center of the room and I turned on my K2 meter.

We all held hands, lights off, only the candle flickering.

Right away, before I even began the ritual, they were there. I don't exactly know who "they" are but they were in the room. I've been with them before in that room in a séance.

In some ways, it's easier for me to lead a séance because I only have to think about summoning and being certain everyone is okay. I feed from everyone's energy but it's hard to have full concentration after four days of conventioning and sitting in a room where a man was brutally killed with an axe. When I'm a participant in a séance, I experience far too much weirdness and get totally creeped out. When I'm leading, I always have one foot in reality.


Waves of dark unrest washed through me. The ripples and pulses were the omnipotent presence of Andrew. He was merely nudging me, he hadn't left my side since I arrived at the house. He had even followed me to dinner, urging me back to the house, furious that I had left.

Abby came through as did Lizzie herself.

I've never experienced Lizzie before that night. She came through on the radio show and she came through in the séance. I felt her and the candle responded to the questions.

Lizzie was upset with me for saying that in my own opinion, she murdered her parents, on the live radio broadcast. Although she's secretly proud of her deed, even in the afterlife, her angry denials come through as crashing waves. I told her I was sorry she was upset but it's the truth and it's done.

Corrine de Winter wanted me to cross Lizzie over but it's not up to me to do that. Lizzie has likely crossed over many times and people, like us, keep calling her back. She enjoys the infamy so of course she'll show up now and again. In the end, Lizzie herself determined that no one was going to cross over that night.

After another break, we passed a key around. Each person took turns holding the key and describing what they felt. Lisa Mannetti had a wild experience. When she first received the key, she felt nothing. She's very good with psycometry so it was puzzling to her. Then, whoosh, a full frontal impact smacked her in the cranium and she had a whole story to tell.

Kelli Jones also had an experience. A blackness attached itself to her back. It's happened to a few of us at the Borden home. It likely hopped off once she left the house. There are many types of shadow people and creatures at the bed and breakfast. I didn't feel any of the ghost cats this time around although the first time I ever stayed overnight, there was a cat encounter every few minutes, just as in real life.

Lisa and I performed joint tarot readings for those left behind. The vibes in the house were rocking and the cards were easy to see in most cases.

I actually quite enjoy reading cards at Lizzie's house and if I lived closer, I'd try to work there.

While we were reading tarot cards, the K2 meters became very active. We'd ended up using Dennis Cummins K2 meter as well and watching them together was doubly creepy. It appeared to me that the meters jumped when I'd answer the question. For me, sometimes when I answer, I get goose bumps, and that way I know I'm on to something. As goose bumps rippled along my arms, the K2 meters flashed, up to three and sometimes past.

We moved the K2 meters around a bit. A couple of the braver people went down to the basement to see if the air conditioner was underneath or if there was any other wiring. We kept in touch by knocking to each other. There was nothing under the area we sat that would set off the K2s.

If it was cell phones, why didn't they go off for the previous hour of séances and so on? Cell phones were going off and pictures were being taken but those suckers didn't budge.

Not until the cards came out.


The night wound down. I did the last tarot reading and everyone else was in bed. Corrine and I got set up in Andrew Borden's room. I crawled under the covers, bone tired from the séances, tarot cards, radio shows, three days of seeing the sun come up, and somehow, magically, I dropped into the blackness of sleep.

There was no peace in my sleep. I fell and fell as ripples of images flashed like images in Clockwork Orange or Jacob's Ladder. Images of people and sitautions I knew, and the Borden murders, Fall River way back, and Andrew's face flicking in and out. It was so creepy. It was like being on a train or a roller coaster going through a slatted tunnel where only slashes of light hit your face but the light is a disturbing image.

I launched into a dream within a dream kind of thing, not so unusual for me. One dream I remembered very slightly and is a recurring dream theme for me. However, that night there were great tones of darkness and angry omnipotence colouring the dream, accelerating the horror to a new level of dread. The dream itself was an anxiety nightmare, searching for someone endlessly, finding and losing and stupid mistakes. Then shoes are lost wading through sludge and clothes are off and on and off and soiled and tattered while people chatter loud nonsense in the background but the show must go on. But what is the show? If you can't figure it out, the blackness will be angry.

You get the idea.

I think we all have anxiety dreams at some point.
What better place than Andrew Borden's bedroom?

I woke, dreams sliding off me as if I'd been sleeping underneath a nest of scorpions and snakes. Andrew's stern face was the last image to fade as there was a knock on the door. It was the breakfast call.

Bleary-eyed, I crawled out of bed and joined the others, who looked about as well-rested as myself, to the dreaded breakfast that was supposed to replicate the murder morning with the exception of rotten mutton.

Some people chattered energetically. I'm not a morning person at all anymore, so it took a while for me to balance myself. I'm always wiped out after doing tarot readings for other people, it doesn't matter how many I do. You have to tap into another realm and the battery needs to be recharged with a good night's sleep.

We went for real food after we loaded the cars. It's always amazing to me how ungodly slow the service is in Fall River no matter where we go. You should be able to serve a dozen people and have them out within sixty minutes. But no...not there. They're all on New England time. I'm a big city girl. The food was fantastic though, I'll give them that. I had Boston Clam Chowder, my favourite New England treat.

You never know what will happen at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. I've had years where I experienced more but perhaps it was the same since now I know what that initial rush feels like. I hadn't had the rush the last two times I went. Yet I had it this trip.

The rush happens the minute I step through the threshold for the very first time. I've never come in the side door first before and was surprised I experienced the rush the minute my foot hit the threshold. In fact, I wasn't expecting the rush at all since I hadn't felt it the previous times. It's a frightening feeling yet the fact it had happened made me smile.

The energy is part of the house. Whatever it is. It likes to play with you. Moving t hings around, creeping you out, hanging off your back, twitching along your calves like a cat. Even though there is the residual energy of sadness and terror, much of that is likely now part of the parade of clients who have stayed at the house over the decades. Their own fears become mirrored and mired into the vibrations at the house.

The best way to experience the Lizzie Borden house is to book the entire house with a group of friends. That way you have full control of all the rooms until people go to bed and you can keep track of where people are to debunk noises. If you don't have anyone among you to run a séance or read tarot cards or work with evps, K2 meters, and other equipment, there are locals you can hire. Just let Lee-Ann know if you want to hire a psychic for the night and she'll hook you up.

In the meantime, I'm available every day and night for your own personalized tarot reading. Tarot Readings Information and Rates

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Notes from the Lizzie Borden House Part Two

 On Sunday, July 21, Supernatural Radio hosted by Corrine de Winter came to Lizzie Borden's House.

Psychics Live from the Lizzie Borden House

Lisa Mannetti and Sèphera Girón discussed their vibes and read tarot cards.

The idea was to have callers ask questions of the spirits related to the murders.

However, all the callers wanted were questions about their own lives. So it became difficult to switch from the vibe of the house to the caller and back again.

It's not that we're trying to be mean but we wanted a full Lizzie Borden house experience.

The original idea was to broadcast from the room where Abby was murdered. However, we couldn't find the proper outlets for the electrical gear.

Instead, we moved to Andrew's room. I had suspected all along we'd end up in Andrew's rom. After all, he's master of the house.

Andrew had been with me all night, calling me back to the house when I was out for dinner. It had made me agitated and distracted.

He came through for the readings, he always does, although I'm always nervous about asking certain questions and I don't.

Abby made her presence known. I could sense her coming through and pulled cards for a general read to see what would come up.

For the first time ever, I sensed the presence of Lizzie Borden herself.

Lizzie was present at the séance too for the first time for me.

But that's a different story.

The radio show was a lot of fun and the presence of Andrew throughout it all just reinforced my belief that he is always there. I don't know what it is, what it means, or why, but there's a firm masculine energy in that room.

The show has been archived so you can listen to it anytime here: Psychics Live from the Lizzie Borden Show

Should you want  your own personal tarot reading, about anything at all, please see my Tarot Readings and Rates page. Thank you.

Notes from the Lizzie Borden House Part One

On July 22, 2013, a dozen horror writers descended upon the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts. Everyone except the hostess of the radio show had attended the four day horror writers convention fondly known as Necon.

The weekend consisted of many late nights of talking with like-minded people. The enthusiasm and fun of such a convention is revitalizing and in such cases, the idea of bed always feels like there will be something missed.

The hostess of Supernatural Radio Show needed to be picked up so while Lisa Mannetti and Dennis Cummins drove a few hours to acquire the lovely Miss Corrine de Winter, a bunch of us went to Lovecraft's grave.

After wandering through the graveyard, we headed to the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.

The minute I walked into the Lizzie Borden House, I encountered the wall of oppression that I hadn't experienced the past couple of times I'd been there.

I wandered through the rooms, reminding myself which rooms had stories and which ones I'd witnessed odd experiences in throughout the years.

The tour guide, David, was ready to help the guests, but first, we needed dinner.

It's always difficult to figure out what to do about dinner but options are limited on a Sunday in Fall River. I hadn't eaten a good meal in days or I would have stayed behind to focus on the show.

The first place we tried was too crowded and our group of twelve would have waited forever to obtain tables and eat.

The next place we tried had a moosehead on the wall. I have an irrational fear of mooseheads so it made me uncomfortable.

However, we stayed. I had a bowl of very delicious clam chowder.

By the time the turtle speed waitress had finished with us, there was only half an hour until showtime which meant that I would miss the tour that I had badly wanted to see.

Such is the price of show business.

Psychics Live from Lizzie Borden House

I always take many selfies in the mirrors at Lizzie's. I just know one day I'll find something in the mirror that I can't explain.

This mannequin is in Emma's room. The dress is from the time period but not from the Borden's.

More about the show, séances, and tarot readings in future updates.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Live from Lizzie Borden's Bed and Breakfast Sunday July 21, 2013

Lizzie Borden

Lisa Mannetti and Sèphera Girón will be broadcasting LIVE from the Lizzie Borden House on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 10 P.M. EST.
You can tune in by phone or by computer!
On computer, not only can you listen to it on the link below, you can choose to listen to the show through Skype.

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast


Lisa Mannetti has been a Lizzie Borden specialist for years. She is also an award-winning horror author and psychic. Lisa reads tarot, practices astrology, and is skilled at psychometry, to name a few of her skills. She is able to tap into the spirits at the Borden House, sometimes without any tools at all.

Find out more about Lisa and Lizzie at The Chancery House

Lisa will be reading tarot and connecting with the spirits during the radio broadcast. Feel free to phone in and ask questions of the spirits.

Supernatural Radio Show

Sèphera Girón is a tarot reader who often feels odd vibes in the Lizzie Borden home.

The broadcast will be from the John Morse room where Abby Borden, Lizzie's step-mother was murdered with an axe.

Did Lizzie Borden kill her father and step-mother?

For over a century, this has remained an unsolved mystery.

See what the spirits have to say when Lisa and Sèphera talk to them. Will Lizzie herself show up?

She often does for Lisa!

Call in with your questions for Lizzie, Andrew, Abby, Bridget, Michael, the children, and whoever else you feel you can connect with that night.

Supernatural Radio Show

Lizzie Borden's Bedroom Copyright S. Giron 2013 Not to be copied.


Friday, July 12, 2013

The Law of Attraction Works in Mysterious Ways

Copyright S. Giron 2013 Not to be copied.
I'm never certain how much I believe in the Law of Attraction until something happens that I can't explain.

It's been challenging, at times, to keep an optimistic front in these turbulent times. The economy is a disaster with absurdly high unemployment rates. Sure there are loads of minimum wage jobs but housing costs are so high that paying the rent and eating, not to mention raising kids, makes them laughable. I had a job where it almost cost me more in gas and buying a new wardrobe than the wage I was paid. In fact, when the brakes on my car blew, that would have been more than a week's wages and I still had to pay the rent.

How does anyone do it? How can the big wigs sleep at night?

The building where I reside is very old and last week, the upstairs unit flooded into mine. Now my ceiling is falling off in chunks, the floor is warping, closet destroyed, and so on. There have been other concerns here too and I've been wishing like crazy to get out of here.

Well, now I'll be moving but only to another unit in the same building. So I got a partial wish. Finances don't include a real move any time soon. But at least it will be different. Shake up the vibes. I've already done the numbers and they look good. Here, I'm living in an eleven vibration. Not cool for new beginnings, job hunting and such. It was good for learning and healing. The fact that the apartment is literally exploding to move me out means it's time to leave the nest. The new place has a better for me number. I feel more optimistic already.

As for jobs and housing, I'm not the only one. Hundreds of thousands of us are in the exact same boat. Work, no work, when you have work you're just as broke because it costs to go to work, and on the cycle goes. Rent eats up majority of paycheck so one can never get ahead let alone save for an overinflated house or pay a daycare.

Of course, there are good careers where people are smart enough to start young and then grow their business, practice, whatever, and retire in their fifties or sixties.

There are all types. Addicts, single moms, students, middle class, upper class...

However, being an artist is difficult in this climate. When I was younger, I could balance my kids, a part time job, and writing. If I grew bored of my job, I quit and got a new one. I never received minimum wage except as a waitress but I made monster tips.

Now, the kids are grown and jobs are scarce. No more job hopping. Hell, I barely know what the newest programs are although I'm current about most in the publishing industry.

Just when I think I'm going to drown, I receive an editing assignment or a tarot party. Sometimes both. In recent times, I've also had to rely on my parents.  Thank god THEY had common sense and are able to help me and the kids!

So times are tough. Then they are good. Then they are tough. You can always count on change. There are always friends and family around who will truly help you if they can. Often, random strangers.

Tonight, Dorian returned from his job working reception at the dance studio. He was bursting with excitement.

"Someone gave me tap shoes," he said and showed them to me. Beautiful condition, expensive tap shoes.

"Some guy just came into the studio and asked if anyone wanted his old tap shoes. They fit me so he gave them to me."

Now, to fully understand this miracle, you have to know that Dorian has very hard to fit feet, especially for dance shoes. He's very wide.

But the shoes fit.

Dorian's current tap shoes died a couple of weeks ago. They'd been on their last legs for a few months and we'd talked a couple of times about how he needed new ones. However, his finally blew up. He'd been afraid to tell me that they'd actually fallen apart because he knew we didn't have the money to buy new ones.

But now, just in time for his teaching tap course next week, a random stranger has given him tap shoes.

We gave our thanks to the Universe and Powers That Be.

We are very grateful for this most wonderful miracle.

We both have been practising positive manifestation techniques so we joke that it could have been either one of us who opened up to the possibility of new tap shoes.

Copyright S. Giron 2013. Not to be copied without permission.
I've had other wonderful things happen to me in recent weeks as well. I was able to go to New Orleans for the World Horror Convention thanks to the wonderful generosity of my parents and friends who gave me a free room. When William went to pay the bill, half was already paid. I think I know who paid for me but whatever happened, it was an amazing miracle. They were happy as well.
Many odd and serendipitous experiences haunted me in New Orleans. I felt a kinship with my birth city as I've never felt anywhere except perhaps Manhattan. Bourbon Street revitalized me. Perhaps because I'd come out of a year of pure hell, I was ready to break free. I don't know. But there were many aspects of magic at that convention and I believe I brought some of it back with me. Each golden moment I cherished, I thank the universe for allowing, against all odds, the ability for me to finally see what I was, where I came from. I finally understood who I am. The final piece of the 11 vibration that overpowers my life right now has clicked into place.
The night the flood happened in my apartment, I was staying with Michael Rowe for a couple of days while his husband was away. It was last week, long before the freak rainstorm flood action on Monday. We were both working on our books when I received a text from Dorian at one in the morning that water was pouring from the light fixture in his ceiling into his room. There was a crack growing larger right across the room and water was trickling down. My room was worse. So we told him to cover up the computers, etc. and come to Michael's. The damage stopped in the morning and now it's just drying out and falling down.
The point is that it was lucky I was at Michael's where it was nice and comfy and Dorian was able to drive over to join us even if it was three in the morning by then. We didn't even get a parking ticket and one ALWAYS gets a parking ticket in that part of Toronto after midnight.
It's the little things. And big things. And thoughtful things.
It can be easy to get dragged down into pits of despair when aspects of your life aren't connecting with where you believe they should be but it's vitality important to keep focussed on what you want from life. It's not always easy to get what you want but you'll always get what you need, as the song goes. Keep your attention on living your life as you believe you deserve and you will find moments of comfort in turbulent times. They come in weird, odd little ways.
I've had strange little experiences that I won't share just yet. Where I think something so hard that events tumble along until it happens in some random way. However, that isn't always easy to manifest and the repercussions are as yet unrealized as I play with ideas. I don't mean to hurt anyone ever but just want a bit more comfort in the lives of my sons and myself.
So when tap shoes and free rooms come along, they are special treats that allow us to have experiences we otherwise couldn't participate in.
I've been very blessed in so many ways and I hang on to these moments with great gratitude. Keep positive. Love each moment of your life and give thanks for the harsh lessons that you learn. There is always balance and there are always good times after the bad.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Looking for Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden's Room Copyright S. Giron 2013

On Sunday July 21, 2013, Lisa Mannetti, scholar extraordinaire on Lizzie Borden and gifted psychic, and moi will be on a radio show live from Abby's room in the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River, Massachusetts.

I'll post the details here when I get them.

Lisa and I have been to the Borden home many times over the years. She's likely gone over a dozen times while I'll be on my fifth, I think.

When we attend together, as is always the case, something strange always happens. It's always something different. Sometimes subtle, sometimes in-your-face.

It will be interesting to see which spirits might come through for us that night. We will be sharing the home with a dozen other horror writers. It is a ritual that first we all attend a horror writers conference at Rogers Williams Conference center for four days. We will be low on energy by the time we get to the Borden house. However, it's fascinating how many of us find a second wind as the night wears on.

The staccato ticking of the living room clock.

Shadows under the doors.

Mists in the kitchen door way.

Cats...ghost cats brushing bare legs with invisible tails.


Doors opening and shutting.

Doors locking and unlocking.

Candles dancing.

Tarot cards matching.

I'm looking forward to what will happen this time.

Lizzie Borden House Copyright S. Giron 2013

Lizzie Borden House Copyright S. Giron 2013

Lizzie Borden House Copyright S. Giron 2013

Lizzie Borden House Copyright S. Giron 2013

Lizzie Borden House Copyright S. Giron 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Haunted Mansion Blog Tour with Sephera Giron

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Yesterday, Rain Graves.

Today, Sèphera Girón.

Who knows who is next tomorrow!

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