Tarot Reading by Skype

If you would like a tarot reading by Skype, it's very easy to set up.

I only turn on my Skype when I'm reading for a client so you need to contact me to set up an appointment by email:  sephgiron @ rogers.com   or sephgiron @ gmail.com

Please put Tarot Reading in the subject so I'll know why you're emailing me.

Sometimes, I'm able to read for you within an hour of receiving your email. Sometimes I'll be able to read for you later on that same day. Other times, we may have to pick a time that works for both of our schedules a few days later.

In order to book a reading time on Skype, please send $100 to sephgiron @ rogers.com on Paypal or just click this button:

Before your appointment time, you can add me to your Skype.   sephera.giron 
When it's your appointment time, you call me.
You can ask me pretty much anything you want to ask with the exception of health questions and gambling/lottery questions.

Sometimes we are able to work through your query within a few minutes. Sometimes it takes a full hour. You are allowed to ask as many questions as you desire during your time. One hour of time is the maximum for $100.

Skype readings work really well as we can easily talk to each other and ask each other questions to clarify meanings.

I'm looking forward to reading for you!

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