Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Tarot Readings by Email

As we go through life, we have questions about what lies in store.

Sometimes a tarot reading or other form of divination can provide clues to the energies we're likely to encounter.

A tarot reading can bring clarity to a problem, providing another way of viewing the situation.

Sometimes we discover blocks within ourselves that we weren't aware of or if we were aware of them, we have new tools to break through them, navigate past them, rise above them, steer clear of them...

It can be reassuring to know that someone we thought was misusing his power really is.

It can be reassuring to discover that we have more power and intuition than we realized.

A tarot reading isn't a matter of a tarot reader solving  your problem, your life, manifesting money, or finding you a lover. 

A tarot reading is an opportunity for you to experience self-awareness, to grow and learn from  your past experiences, to understand how you can use your own life skills to tackle an obstacle life has for you.

See what the tarot says about you today!

Special Halloween reading is $25 for one question and includes a personality profile. Please include your birthdate and that of anyone else you're asking about if you know it (ie. for a love reading).

Payment is required in advance to paypal under sephgiron

Please allow 12 - 48 hours for your email reading.

If you ever have any questions about my tarot services, please email me at any time at

I've been reading tarot professionally for nearly twenty years and no question is too weird or crazy for me!

Blessed be.