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Examples of some of the contents that might be included in a love spell kit. Each kit is unique.

Tools and Gifts

There are always people in our lives who are difficult to buy for. Perhaps that person has everything. Maybe that person hates everything. We all know that person.

An affirmation kit for good luck or happiness might be a fun gift. After all, there will be no other gift like it at the party.

Sometimes we need tools to activate our desires. You shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to attract money, power, luck, romance into your life. Human beings have basic needs and desires. If you want to manifest auspicious energy into your life, you have to believe you deserve it. Let go and let live. A kit can help you focus and release different patterns of vibrations into the universe.

These are simple spells with the intent you program into your tools, whether crystals or gemstones, being key. Be focused about what you want before you order. Take a moment to meditate on your heart's desire.

Spells have no linear way of completing. Your results may be instant or they may take a year or two to set up and complete. After all, we are all dealing with human nature and events such as career changes can take time if you have to go back to school and start fresh. Falling in love and getting married should take at least two years to build a healthy relationship.

The spells combined with your intent line up events to fall in your favour should you make the proper choices when choices appear. Always keep your goal in sight and you won't go wrong.

These spells are created for positive energy. Concepts such as love, luck, romance, job changes, house hunting, and so on are positive goals.

I do not create spells geared to manipulate specific people, health issues, gambling, lotteries, revenge, manipulations, death, disease, bad luck, murder, and so on. What we put into the universe comes back to us three times. It's better to move on and move forward than to create bad mojo in the universe over someone who wronged you.


Spell Kits


Spells and affirmations can be useful tools to develop focus into our life.

When we open our hearts and minds and focus our intent, we can activate energy to pursue our goals.

Getting focused on what we want is the key to activating an auspicious life. It's not helpful to say you want a lot of money or to "be rich." You need to visualize yourself living the life you want to live in this very moment, surrounded by healthy happy people in the environment you desire.

What we end up getting is not always what we think what we will get. Sometimes we are thrown major life changes whether in health, finances, or relationships to "wake us up." As dire as  your situation may get, be aware of those who can help you, and your own skills in transforming your life.

Spells can activate vibrations on a higher level to draw what you need towards you. It's impossible to bring you what you want if you don't know what you want. Drawing pictures, writing journals, poems, songs, meditating on the life you desire activates energy. Get focused on what you believe the spell will do for you.

For love spells, it's never a good idea to focus on a specific person. Just because you have the hots for someone, doesn't mean that the reality of being with him or her is paradise. There are many secrets you don't know about someone until you've spent at least two years with him or her.

In love spells, the key is to open your heart and mind to all the possibilities the universe has to offer. Trust that the right person who fits with your quirks and lifestyle will come into your life. Sometimes that person is right under your nose but you were too busy fantasizing about someone else.

I've heard several horror stories over the years from several clients about situations where a person cast a spell on a specific person with horrible results. One woman was badly abused, including being thrown down the stairs and ended up in a body cast for a couple of years. The man of dreams turned out to be her worst nightmare. So my caution is, don't do it.

A bigger reason is that we all have free will. It defies the laws of the universe to manipulate someone else's free will. Making someone love you is manipulating his or her free will. Would you want someone to manipulate YOUR free will?

Spell and Affirmation Kits

To order a love spell kit, you can send the money by Paypal or email internet bank transfer. sephgiron @ rogers.com

When you order your kit, state your intent. What do you want the universe to bring to you?

Reconciliation with a Family Member
Overcoming Grief

You can tell me about your situation and goals if you want or just order a kit.

I will prepare a spell or affirmation for you and your goal.

The kits will include a blessed candle, a spell or affirmation, a charm or crystal necklace, instructions, and more.  Since each spell is unique to you, each kit will have its own combination of ingredients.

Don't forget to include your mailing address with your order.

Orders may take up to a month, depending on moon phases and so on.

Spell Kits

Your uniquely created spell kit is $50 which includes postage.
If the type of kit you desire isn't listed, just say what you need in email and click any of the kits. I will modify it accordingly.

Sample of what might be included in a creativity kit. Each kit is unique.


I will create a love spell/affirmation specifically for you.

$50 includes candle, crystal, charm or crystal necklace (my choice), scroll of spell, instructions, and more.


I will create a money spell/affirmation specifically for you.

$50 includes candle, crystal, charm, scroll of spell, instructions, and more.


What fun to give or receive a spell kit to celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion.

Birthday spell kits are fun for all ages.

Special Children's Birthday Kits are available. Specify age so that the personalized affirmation is age appropriate.


Email me with details about the shower such as what it is so that I can create the appropriate package and affirmation. These kits celebrate benchmarks in our lives with auspicious energies of happiness and harmony.

Bridal Shower
Baby Shower
Commitment and New Beginning Kit
Divorce and New Beginning Kit

The back-to-school kit enhances vibrations of focus, memory, patience, and learning. Whether you're nervous about returning to school or excited about returning to school, this kit will help you focus your intent on what you need to gain from this school year.

Great for any age whether your attending kindergarten or working on a masters thesis.

If you hate math, the hematite in this kit may help you focus on number better.

Partial contents of a Self-Awareness Kit. Each kit is unique.

Spell Kits

Credentials for Sèphera and Ariana23

I've been reading tarot as a professional counselor for over fifteen years.

I 've studied for three years with the International Society of the Metaphysical. I have also studied tarot, numerology, astrology, palm reading, tea leaf reading, scrying, and more with several other teachers over the years.

I have received certificates in:

Tarot Reading
Reiki Master
Touch for Health

I've worked on several major psychic lines, some you've seen on TV, however, now I'm working one-on-one with YOU at a discount rate.

I believe in free will.

I believe we have the power to control our own destinies.

I'm happy to answer any of your questions and concerns.

I'm also willing to discuss prices on readings and spells and other tools.

Blessed Be.

Some of the Places I've Read Tarot

Design Exchange Gala
Big Brothers
Sherwood Group Mortgage Brokers
Winter Magic
Ice, Wine, Dine
Humber College (both campuses)
Magnum Food Brokers
Periodontal Associates
This Is London Club
Four Villages Community Health Centre
TPC Entertainment Company
Media Brands Canada
Central Eglinton Community Centre
Great Lakes Schooner Company
Black Box School Theatre
Your Events Etc.
Travel Alberta
Nice Agency
Ryerson Commerce Society
OPSEU Woman's Conference Diva Night
YMCA Toronto Bergamat Apartments
Psychic Brunch
Nine of Cups
Carnival Diablo
Ed the Sock
Port Credit Moonlight Madness
Port Credit Festivals
Ladybug Harbor
The Source Within

Sèphera Giron, Ariana, Ariana23, and Tarotpaths claim no responsibility for the results of spells. Use at own risk.

Do not leave candles unattended. Always have a bowl of sand and a cup of water handy to dowse unruly flames. Spells and affirmations are created for fun and entertainment.

If you feel depressed or suicidal, call a help line in your community. Spells can not help with depression, bipolar, suicidal thoughts, drug addictions, alcoholism, or any other illness.

I will not create spells for any health issues whatsoever. I am not a doctor. I am not a psychiatrist. Please seek proper professional help if you feel like there is something wrong in your body. No psychic who has morals would take your money for a health issue. I can send you healing Reiki energy for free if you ask.

For fun and entertainment only.

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