Sunday, July 29, 2012

Talk to the Jackalope!

Join a bunch of horror authors discussing Jackalopes and other freaky oddities TODAY at 6 pm est.

If you miss today's event, you can listen to another time on the Scary Scribe's website!

The Jackalope Arrives on Scary Scribes!


Here's the link to the show, you can listen to it anytime!

Archive of the Jackalope Radio Show with Sephera Giron, Jeff Strand and others.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Would Lizzie Do?

Lizzie in Fall River 1892

On August 4, 1892, the New England town of Fall River became baptised into the bloody annals of unnsolved crimes history.

Wealthy businessman and his second wife were found in their homes with their heads hacked to bits by an axe.

The axe was never found.

The murderer was never found.

There were many suspects, the main one being adult daughter Lizzie Borden. However, the Bordens weren't the most fun-loving crew on the block and likely had wracked up a few disgruntled people along the way.

Lizzie went to trial but there wasn't enough evidence to convict her. After all, she was a god-fearing woman who taught Sunday school and did everything her daddy told her to. However, many were suspicious, noticing odd behaviour over the years, perhaps some kind of epilepsy or other issue.

Everyone knew that Lizzie hated her step-mom.

Most likely suspected that dad was no picnic to live with, being stingy and rigid and all.

The murder occured the day after the household had fallen ill from the mutton dear old dad had made them eat to avoid waste despite the fact it was kept on the stove in the hot August heat for days.

Who wouldn't snap?

Lizzie? The maid? The sister? The uncle? Fired workers?

What Would Lizzie Do?

This is a story about ghost hunter Zoe staying over at the bed and breakfast yet again, trying to unravel the secret of who really killed the Bordens.

What Would Lizzie Do?  is available at Smashwords.

What Would Lizzie Do? A short horror story

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NexxLevel Dance Company July 26, 2012

A World Premiere Playing at Toronto’s Premier Event Venue – Palais Royale
ONE NIGHT ONLY- Thurs., July 26th, 2012  - 8PM

An open door into the complexity of both the male and female psyche, “Dudes & Dames” is a dance show like no other. 

A twisted fairy tale that reveals the truth about ourselves as people as we fess up to our contribution to the battle of the sexes that has gone on for centuries.

Using all forms of dance to tell the many different stories of romance, revenge and restoration that make up our unique emotional journies -
“Dudes & Dames” is entertainment at its best!

Featuring a diverse cast of Toronto’s top dancers under the creative leadership of renowned industry noted choreographers -
“Dudes & Dames” promises to be a night to remember!
A taste of what YOU will be privy to July 26th, 2012


Dudes and Dames – a Teaser Promo for the Palais Royale Performance July 26, 2012 from Garage Lab on Vimeo.

Featuring Jazz, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Dancehall and more - YOU will experience an exclusive gateway into the 
hottest attraction in today's entertainment industry - dance theatre!
 “Join us Thursday, July 26th at 8PM at the fabulous Palais Roylae - a venue that is rich in Toronto’s cultural history and renowned for it stunning events.”
Chris Clarke – Artistic Director and Choreographer for “Dudes & Dames”  

Patrons are invited to stay after the show for a dance party.  This incredible evening is not to be missed!

Palais Royale
1601 Lakeshore Blvd. West
General Admission - $40
VIP Package Available – includes fine dining, a VIP gift bag and the show
For Tickets contact:

Check out “Dudes & Dames” on Facebook for Photos, Videos and More!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stock Up on E-Book Reading!


Smashwords is having a site-wide promotion. Most authors participated with at least one book. Here's a link to one of my own participating works:

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Thursday, July 5, 2012