Thursday, December 9, 2010

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I've been reading tarot professionally for nearly a decade; online, in person, by phone, by chat, under various names. I've learned so much about human nature over the years by reading hundreds of people through divination methods such as tarot cards, reiki, tea leaf reading, dream interpretation, and a bit of palm reading. The more encounters with people like you that I have, the more I learn about human nature.

One thing I didn't learn but was verified in my experiences is that we all want to be loved.

From the moment we come out of the womb, we crave nurturing and love. We ached to be held and snuggled and this feeling continues with most people throughout their lives. Heartbreakingly, there are a few people, about 4% of the population who are incapable of love for various mental disorder reasons, but I'm talking about most of us. We want to love and be loved. We want to be able to count on someone in world of truth and respect. And we want to avoid the people who can hurt us.

The world, well,  human nature, can be a difficult road to navigate. There are sign posts along the way that can help us. Trusting our gut instinct, listening to what someone is NOT saying, paying attention to our finances, calling people on their lies immediately, and being self-sufficient are ways we can protect ourselves. Being aware that not everyone has our best interests at heart is something else we have to consider.

We are the stars of our own lives. We can choose how bright we shine, how unattainable we can be, how much of our light we share with others. In the end, we have to make the choices that are best for our own survival, for in the end, it's a survival of the fittest world no matter how much you wish it wasn't.  We have to face ourselves in the mirror every day and decide if we're walking a path where we're not hurting others unnecessarily.

It can be hard to remember to take care of ourselves. We get busy helping others. But I can help you refocus and decide what you need to live a more goal oriented pro-active life.

I've read tarot online for many years and find it's most effective when you have a specific question in mind and give me your birthdate and the birthdate of the person you're asking about, if any.


I am also available to go to paranormal investigation sites to read tarot with the ghosts or lead a seance.

I am willing to travel outside of Toronto if you provide travel and accomodations.
On this website, you will see Rain Graves and myself investigating a haunted house in California with great success. It is Rain speaking about the Egyptians in the Black Mass footage. The Ghost Girls recorded us reading tarot and communicating with the spirits. This is not retouched footage. This is really true footage.

You may book both Rain Graves and myself for your investigation. Bear in mind, I live in Toronto and Rain lives in California. You would pay for all expenses plus our fee. You won't be disappointed, strange things happen when we're together!!
If you book me for a paranormal investigation, I will use my intuition, mediumship skills, and tarot cards to communicate with the spirits.I will not bring nor do I have K2 meter, camera, digital recorder, or any other professional ghost hunting technology. This is where a service such as Ghost Girls Paranormal Investigators come in handy since they have all the equipment and have spent hours training to use it and will spend hours examining it.


  The more focused the question, the more accurate the reading especially by email.When you book your order, include your birthdate and place and time of birth. If you are asking about someone else, especially in a romance question, include his or her birth date information.You can ask any question in the world except about health, gambling, and lotteries. Sample Questions:What is he or she thinking about me? $10
What is going on with our relationship or any other romance question.  $25

Am I on the right path? What do I need to know? $10

One month forecast $25

One year forecast, you receive each month's reading on the first of the month  $150 (save $150 by ordering the whole year at once!)

Tarot Readings

Reiki  I've practiced distant Reiki healing with good results. This can be used for clarity of thought, trying to understand situations, healing from emotional, mental, and physical trauma and so on.    Distant Reiki Healing for Human or Pet $50

Gift Certificates

Readings for all services will be conducted within 72 hours of payments.



For readings within hours when possible, less than 24 hours response time.

ADD  $20 fee for rush job! So that means click the button for the reading and then this Rush Job Button for the rush job!

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