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Five Reasons to Hire a Fortune-Teller for Your Next Event

There are many occasions where you may find yourself looking for entertainers to hire for a party, a corporate function, or other type of event.

I've worked dozens of parties over the past fifteen years and really enjoy them.

Parties where I worked sometimes hired other types of entertainers as well: theatrical dancers, belly dancers, magicians, portrait artists, circus acts, massage therapists, manicurists, lingerie models, clowns, tattoo artists, and more.

The types of parties I've worked vary in scope and mission. I've worked huge Caribana-type functions with dozens of other entertainers for thousands of people which included marching in parades. I've worked at small baby showers with half a dozen women and was the only entertainment. I've worked on cruises packed with lawyers. I've worked corporate functions for institutions such as banks, travel agents, and ad agencies.

There is no shortage of places and events where you can use a fortune-teller. The atmosphere can be serious, silly, magical, or fantastic.

Why should you hire a fortune-teller for your next event?

1. Each guest will have a unique experience. 
That's right. If you don't know what to give someone as a a gift, especially as a token of appreciation such as for an employee appreciation night, a tarot reading or tea leaf reading will provide a unique experience. After all, the session is a one-on-one interaction between the entertainer and the guest. It doesn't matter if the interaction is five seconds or one hour. The guest may ask a question or have no question. However, the fortune-teller will always have an answer and that answer will be specific and unique to that particular person. In other words, you can offer each guest at your party a customized gift.

2. Your party will have a sense of mystery and fun.
Unless otherwise requested, the fortune-telling at your party will be an inspiring, uplifting, and joyful experience. A fortune-teller or psychic or reader doesn't have to be all gloom and doom no matter how dire the auguries might appear. There is always opportunity to interpret the glass as half full and if you are having a party, you know that your fortune-teller wants it to be an unmitigated success with positive memories.

3. A fortune-teller is predictable.
As funny as this may sound, you know what to expect when you hire a fortune-teller. You know what time they will arrive and leave, how much they cost, and how long they will work. You know if they will set up at a table or stroll through the crowd. You will have a sense if readings will be one minute or one hour per person. The payment arrangements should be made and paid in advance. Of course, tips at the end are always welcome. And sometimes there might be overtime charges if the talents of the fortune-teller are sought after past the time she's been booked, and it's been discussed with the host. A fortune-teller brings all her own equipment with the exception of a tea-leaf reading service. If you are hosting a tea-leaf reading party, the host is responsible for providing the tea, the boiling water, the tea pot, the cups, the saucers, and a pouring-out-bucket. For any other type of fortune-telling from crystal ball reading to tarot card reading, the fortune-teller will bring her own tools.

4. If your party has a theme, a fortune-teller can enhance it.
If you don't specify what you want your fortune-teller to wear, she will wear a basic black outfit. However, if you are having an angel party, a high tea event, a Gothic party, a Halloween party, a Mardi Gras party and so on, you can ask if your fortune-teller can wear colours or items that tie into the theme. She may or may not be able to accommodate your wishes.

5. A fortune-teller doesn't take up much space.
A dancer needs a huge area to dance. A tap dancer needs a special floor. Magic acts need a stage. Bands need a large area. Almost all performers will need a dressing room. However, a fortune-teller doesn't need much at all from you. All you need to provide is a chair and a small table. The fortune-teller will bring table dressings and decorations. The fortune-teller can be in the main room of the party or in a separate room. You can even have a strolling fortune-teller which requires no set-up at all. A strolling fortune-teller walks around the party telling fortunes; with cards, with numerology, astrology, reading palms, and more. If you are having a party and don't have much sit-down space, a strolling fortune-teller can solve your entertainment and space issues.

Book your fortune-teller for your party or corporate event today! It's never too soon to book ahead, especially if you plan to hire during the wedding season or Halloween season.

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Free Tarotscopes for Week of April 19, 2015

I posted my Instagram Tarotscopes for the week of April 19, 2015 onto Youtube for your enjoyment.

All twelve signs are represented in these horoscopes.

If you would like your own personal horoscope by email, Skype, or even in person, email me for details.  I'm also now taking bookings for bridal showers, Jack and Jill parties, and birthday parties as well as corporate events.

Tarotscopes for the week of April 19, 2015

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Blogs

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles are on again tonight. It will be fun to see what Lizzie will do.

Sephera's Thoughts on the Lizzie Borden Chronicles

There was a signing and a launch party for the anthology Expiration Date. Authors such as Kelley Armstrong, Tobin Elliott, and Sèphera Girón were in attendance. Sèphera worn her Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast shirts to the events to celebrate her story "What Would Lizzie Do?" in the anthology. To see pictures click here.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tarot Readings for Spring!

Even though it seems to be snowing on this lovely Easter Sunday, spring is actually here!

The full moon lunar eclipse on Saturday April 4 brought with it deep reflections and the energy to move forward in new directions.

You can have your own personal tarot reading by email, by Skype, or in person.

Email readings cost as little as $10 for one question.

You can check Instagram for sporadic daily Aquarius forecasts as well as weekly forecasts for all signs.

Contact sephgiron@ for your own personal HUMAN tarot reading!

Blessed Be!