Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Did You Know I Have a Patreon?

I thought I'd remind people that I have a Patreon and it's been running for several years now. Sometimes I post my WIP but not always since some places I write for want never published material and some places consider Patreon published.

I write a journal a few times a week to give a glimpse into my boring writer life, super boring now that I'm not doing background work or going out or getting bitten by dogs that I walk or getting weird rashes or burning myself waitressing, etc.

I have a level where I offer weekly tarot card readings and even will dress up as one of my characters from one of my books/stories to deliver your reading upon your request.

I have a level where I'll edit your work for you.

In the fall, I'll get back to my Twitch tarot card reading stream, I had a super busy spring/summer with writing, editing for others, preparing my George Brown courses, taking a course and more, that you would know about if you are in my Patreon!

You can join for as little as $1 and can quit at any time. I won't hunt you down and ask why you quit, ask anyone who has sponsored me in the past, and quit. I never ask. It's your business why you come and go and I'm grateful for each and every one of you, even if you can't stay for more than a month!

I also think I FINALLY understand Discord and since Facebook is so full of U.S. politics all the time every minute, I'm using Facebook less. I'm going to be opening up a Discord just for my patrons and Twitch followers. Maybe even today.

People who join Patreon today have access to all past postings at their price level including drafts of stories and books that may or may not have been published.

I really enjoy having a Patreon. It keeps me motivated and hitting my deadlines.

Hope to see some of you behind the wall!

Sephera's Patreon