Sunday, February 16, 2014

Women in Horror Month Articles featuring Sephera Giron

February is Women in Horror Month and I believe this is the fifth year of this particular celebration. The WIHM came around as a means to convey that women participate just as fully in the creation of horror as men.

In all of the arts, women are less recognized than their male counterparts and theories abound on the reasons. At the end of the day, WIHM is an attempt to help raise the profile of women who are currently working in the horror field.

Personally, I think it would be fantastic to have a MIHM as well as a way to have a spotlight for newcomers and for those who've worked in the field for decades as unsung heroes.

In fact, every month could have a specific spotlight to encourage diversity in horror consumers. Sometimes consumers don't see or understand the arts in the way those who are working in the arts do. Sometimes it's important to reach out to the public and shed some light on what might be hidden in the shadows. Encourage consumers to reach out beyond their comfort levels and habits and taste something new.

Most people are curious and will try something new if they are enticed. Sometimes they just need to be educated that it even exists.

Women in Horror Month is being celebrated all across the internet in many mediums. A quick look on a search engine will help you find your interest group.

Articles about Sèphera Girón:

Horror Writers Association: Mary Shelley and Me written by S. Giron

Monster Librarian Articles mentions S. Giron

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dr. Miriam from Captured Souls at the Gym (+playlist)

Dr. Miriam Frederick is the mad scientist in the horror story Captured Souls.
A modern day Frankenstein, she experiments on whoever captures her eye for her own nefarious reasons.

Captured Souls is now available from Samhain Horror Publishing.

You can download it from your favourite bookstore.

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