Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tarotpaths on Etsy

Crystal Heart is part of the "Love Magic" kit available at Etsy.
Tarotpaths has now expanded into a store on Etsy.
Gemstones are a great gift for showers, birthdays, stags and other celebrations. They are fun to put into a gift basket.
Sometimes I'll sell stones by themselves but it's not worth it to the customer since mailing costs are so high from Canada. I encourage my customers to combine several orders to save lots of money on shipping.
Not only are there gemstones, crystals, jewelry, spell kits, charms and other metaphysical items but there is also going to be a large vintage selection as I add collectibles.
Check the store often as I add new products.

Crystal Ball

Tiger Eye

Quartz Crystal Clump

Tiger Eye


Threaded Crystal Ball
This is a very cool little crystal ball that is fabulous for scrying and other divination work.
I'm going to be creating special kits that are useful for paranormal investigations.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Using a K2 Meter on Your Ghost Hunt

A K2 meter can add a thrilling component to your ghost hunting experience. A K2 meter provides an interactive 3D experience.

A K2 meter is actually used by electricians to determine where the electrical currents are running. It is also used by civilians to see if there are dangerous electromagnetic fields around or in their homes.

When you use a K2 for ghost hunting, it can help verify your experience.

The idea is that the presence of a spirit will cause the lights to flash.

In some cases, you can ask the ghosts questions and have them answer by making the K2 meters flash.

You can order a K2 meter from the Internet from various ghost hunting sites, e-bay, Amazon and so on.

K2 meters usually take AA batteries so be certain you bring some extra batteries with you on your paranormal investigation so that you don't run out.

Before you begin your ghost hunt, explore the house with your K2 meter, especially around lights, outlets, wires, furnaces, computers and so on. Make detailed notes about where the surges are in "real life" so that when you're in the middle of ghost hunting you can refer to hot spots and fake hot spots.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weird Tales of Terror is Weird!

Weird Tales of Terror is now available in print form too. The prices are as low as they can be for over 350 pages of horror, weirdness and erotica.

Currently, the e-book is $2.99 which is a great deal for six stories and a complete novel from an award-winning horror author.

The print book is only $12.99.

Weird Tales of Terror is for a mature audience. There are a couple of stories that have very explicit sex scenes. Other stories might be too gruesome for a younger crowd.

This book includes a full length novel about psychics from a psychic fair helping an older woman unravel a decades old mystery in The Witch's Field.

There are a couple of ghost stories and stories about insanity. All the stories have  horror or "weirdness" a la Twilight Zone in them.

This weekend's free treat on Kindle is: No One Listens and Release