Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

What Is Mercury Retrograde?
Three times a year, the planet Mercury goes "retrograde." Of course, the planet isn't really going backwards, but this illusion can still cause our best laid plans to go awry.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication. When Mercury is retrograde, communication can fall apart. 

Since most of our modern world is ruled by technology, there can be some really annoying things that go wrong. Emails can go missing, computers can crash, phone messages can be missed and so on.

Travel is often affected as well from delays to lost documents. Contracts can be misread. Legal work may be complicated.

Some people aren't affected by Mercury at all, or might be affected differently during different retrogrades. It depends on where the planets lay in the birth chart. Some people are supercharged during a Mercury Retrograde because of their charts. 

Mercury Retrograde doesn't have to feared but if you're aware of it, you can choose to make prudent and cautious decisions during this time.

What Can You Do?
The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and find your patience. Some signs are better able to cope with frustrating situations than others. Whatever you do, don't jump to conclusions.

During a Mercury Retrograde, there are many opportunities to misinterpret events or circumstances. Don't rush into any legal binding contracts, don't buy or sell anything if you don't have to, and be sure you have all the facts before making decisions. Avoid people who are picking fights or pushing you into decisions you aren't ready to make.

There are plenty of opportunities to be irritated from blowing out your tire to waiting forever for a travel delay. Try to laugh it off and blame Mercury. What happens, happens and if you've been doing your best, than just chillax and deal with whatever needs to be done.

Don't sign contracts. Double-check documents. Don't believe quick-talking salesmen. "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is," is the quote of the hour.

Allow extra time for travel. Check everything from passports to itinerary and everything else connected with the trip. 

Avoid buying products with warranties.

Keep your car under repair. 

Cool Things About Mercury Retrograde
Instead of losing your mind during a retrograde, use these vibrations to your advantage. 

Some people become very intuitive. They are able to trust their gut instinct more and are more open to following their inner guides. 

The energy is right for self-reflection. Looking back on the past can unlock some secrets you've been hiding from yourself. 

Expect coincidences. I myself don't believe in coincidences. There's a reason for running into someone randomly even if it doesn't seem obvious at the time. There's a reason why you read a post on Facebook only to have a TV show that you have on in the background say the exact same word as you're reading it on the screen. 

The universe is all about connections and some may not be obvious. However, during a Mercury Retrograde, some of these so-called coincidences may be more frequent and may make some sort of sense in the big picture. 

There's no point in getting stressed out about things beyond your control. You can open yourself up by meditating in a quiet place. Lighting a candle and incense can help set the mood. 

Take a shower or a bath. Let the water soothe you. Imagine it's the water of your unconscious washing through you or soaking into you. Let your mind wander.

Take a yoga class. Conversely, taking a zumba class, boxing, or lifting weights may help work through some of that stress so that you can relax better later on. 

Go for a long walk. Really see your neighbourhood. Watch the clouds and find patterns. Look for faces in trees. Imagine the world from the eyes of a baby in a stroller. 

Candle Game
You can play a game with a candle which might distract you from your everyday stress. 

You may wish to burn incense while doing this as well. 

You can use any candle color you like. White is likely the best for this sort of thing.

Use the candle in an open area. You may wish to keep a cup of water handy or a bowl of sand, just in case. Watch for curtains, children, plants, shelving, papers, and flammable nearby knick-knacks.

Light a candle.

If you are in a chair, keep your feet flat on the floor to ground you. If you're sitting on the floor, keep your spine straight to keep the energy flowing.

First, close your eyes and clear your mind.

Imagine the candle in front of you and the flame. 

Open your eyes.

Imagine the flame growing higher.

Imagine the flame shrinking small. 

Imagine it flickering.

You may find that you are making the candle flame move by the energy you emit when you focus. 

If you find the candle is seemingly obeying you, try asking it simple "yes" and "no" questions.

Before you begin your question, ask the candle to "show" you a "yes."

Do the same for "no."

Ask your questions!

This sort of game can help you hone your concentration skills while getting your mind off your problems. 

Use a snuffer to douse the candles. Never blow out a candle. You can start a fire, spill wax, and worse, you blow out all of the energy you just spent all that time manifesting! 

You can show your gratitude for your candle magic experience by thanking the Universe or saying a prayer of your choice.

Be certain your candle and incense are safely extinguished when you leave the room. After all, Mercury IS Retrograde!

Dates for Mercury Retrograde 2015

January 21 - February 11

May 19 - June 11

September 17 - October 9 

Here's a little video from a few years ago that explains Mercury Retrograde!