Sunday, December 17, 2023

Give a Unique Gift of a Tarotscope or Tarot Reading!


Reading tea leaves at a corporate function on Bay Street in Toronto.

"Wow. F**king. Wow. You were dead on. Now I know what to do. Your reading was mind-blowing." - Client Jeanna

"The tarot reading was super awesome and spot on!" - Client

Rates for Online Tarot Card Readings

Details: For the two special Holiday Tarotscope Special Written Reports, I will prepare them as quickly as possible to get them out for you to send as gifts or for your own purposes. You can print off the report on nice paper and roll it up into a scroll and tie it with a ribbon to make it a special gift. Or you can just email it to the person you're giving it to if you're not buying it for yourself. 

Video Tarot Readings: I will prepare them as quickly as possible but it might be up to 48 hours. You will receive your reading by email. 

Holiday Tarotscope Special Basic

This is a written report where I pull thirteen tarot cards. The report consists of one short paragraph for each month of the year. The report will begin January 2024 unless otherwise specified. This is a limited sale.

Holiday Tarotscope Special

This is a written report where I pull thirteen cards. The report contains more details than the basic report. The report will begin January 2024. This is a limited sale. 

Get a Short Video Tarot Reading – No Question

I will email you a video tarot reading. If you can include your birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth, that will be helpful, if you have the information. But if you don't, I can still read for you. 

Get a Short Video Tarot Reading – Ask One Question

If you have a question, ask the question. Also include birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth of people involved in the question, if you know it. If you don't know, that's okay too. I will email you the video. 

Book an Online Tarot Reading – One Hour 

This is interactive where we speak on Skype or Facetime etc. You buy the appointment and then email me at sephgiron @ to set up a time and platform that works for both of us. We can talk on the phone if you prefer that way to the video calls.

Private and Corporate

Tarot readings or tea leaf readings can provide a unique experience for guests.

Book a reader for private parties and corporate events in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Oakville.

Email me with your inquiry: sephgiron @ 

Stag and Doe
Baby Showers
New Baby
Birthday Parties
Divorce Parties
Girls Night Out
Staff Appreciation
Customer Appreciation
Spa Days

Tarot Readings (seated or strolling)
Astrology Readings
Numerology Readings
Tea Leaf Readings (allow fifteen minutes minimum per person)


If you want me to meet you somewhere for a one-on-one tarot card reading, email me before paying to make sure we can hook up. 

Email me with the subject heading In-Person Tarot Reading Details for more details at sephgiron  @

Here are a few places that have hired Sèphera as a fortune-teller. This is by no means a complete list:

Selected Corporate Events 
Royal Ontario Museum
Columbian Wine Tasting
Google Promo
Sanctuary Vendors Market
Dance Competition Appreciation for Teachers
York University Student Federation Events
Sheridan College Student Federation Events
Law Office Halloween Party
Packagers Holiday Party
Toronto Comicon
Fan Expo
Niagara Falls Comicon
Frightmare in the Falls
1st Annual Something Strange Circus Sideshow
2nd Annual Something Strange Circus Sideshow
Something Strange Marketplace

Fan Days
Guelph GenreCon
Limestone GenreCon
Ad Astra
World Horror Convention
Haunted Houses
Bar Mitzvahs
Rock Concerts
Shopper's Drugmart Corporate Office
Shopper's Drugmart Stores
Ontario Lottery Corporation
Design Exchange Gala
Big Brothers
Sherwood Group Mortgage Brokers
Winter Magic
Ice, Wine, Dine
Humber College (both campuses)
Magnum Food Brokers
Periodontal Associates
This Is London Club
Four Villages Community Health Centre
TPC Entertainment Company
Media Brands Canada
Central Eglinton Community Centre
Great Lakes Schooner Company
Black Box School Theatre
Your Events Etc.
Travel Alberta
Nice Agency

Ryerson Commerce Society
OPSEU Woman's Conference Diva Night
YMCA Toronto Bergamat Apartments
Psychic Brunch
Nine of Cups
Carnival Diablo
Ed the Sock
Port Credit Moonlight Madness
Port Credit Festivals
Ladybug Harbor
The Source Within

Gig Salad

If you would prefer to book me in person for events through a third-party app, I completely understand that it's safer for both of us. I'm on Gig Salad. Here's a form where you can contact me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Join me for an hour of horror on February 11 at 7 pm est!

Join me on February 11, 2021, at 7 pm est for an hour of horror sponsored by the National Reading Program in conjunction with The Writers Union of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts!

It happens on my Twitch channel, just click the link and watch!

You don't have to make an account or sign up!

And best of all, it's free!


Friday, January 22, 2021

Sephera's World Blog: February 11 Women in Horror Month Reading!

On February 11, 2021 at 7 pm on Sephera's TwitchTv channel there will be a reading from one of her horror works to celebrate Women in Horror Month!

Go to her channel right now and follow her so that when the day arrives, you'll receive the notification that she's online!

In the meantime, Sèphera offers free tarot card readings on Tarot Tuesdays (usually at 7 pm) and she also hops on now and again to play video games, play the violin, sing, dance, or just chat. 

It's free to watch events on Twitch, you don't even have to make an account. 

It's free to make an account. 

It's free to hang out!

Sèphera's reading is sponsored by the Writers Union of Canada.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Tarot Tuesdays Are A Thing!


I'm trying to get back to a regular routine for my free tarot card readings on Twitch so I've decided to keep trying to do "Tarot Tuesday." I figure that's an easy way to remember for those who are interested. 

One of the main reasons I am inconsistent on Twitch is because I have so many little gigs and commitments that can prove difficult to juggle even in these unprecedented times. I prefer to hop on Twitch during the day but sometimes I have to work at one of my gigs. 

But at least if I say "Tuesday" then at least I have a day nailed down. 

I'm playing around with the various times so follow me on Twitch so that you're notified when I go online. 

This week on Tuesday, December 22, I'm aiming for 1:30 P.M. EST.  I'm taking a class this week (and last week) and there are noon lectures, so instead of 1:00, I'll make it 1:30. 

Tarot card readings are one-card short readings. This is a public forum so you likely don't want your whole life on display. You say hello in the chat or even ask me to pull a card. I pull a card from the deck and give you information from it that might be relevant for a productive day.

Sometimes people ask questions. Sometimes people get to have more than one reading if it's slow. 

If you want a more personal reading, you can order one on Fiverr or the other platforms.

See you Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Self-publishing Course at George Brown College

My next course for Self-Publishing begins on November 2, 2020. 

This online course will take you through the steps to publish your own book! 

There's still time to sign up, just click this link!

Hope to see you there!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Horoscopes for October 2020


Check out your October Horoscopes!

Get Your Own Personal Tarot Reading on Fiverr!

Have a question? Just ask! Want to know what's in store for you personally? Get a reading on Fiverr or you can get a longer, more personal reading through Tarotpaths!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Did You Know I Have a Patreon?

I thought I'd remind people that I have a Patreon and it's been running for several years now. Sometimes I post my WIP but not always since some places I write for want never published material and some places consider Patreon published.

I write a journal a few times a week to give a glimpse into my boring writer life, super boring now that I'm not doing background work or going out or getting bitten by dogs that I walk or getting weird rashes or burning myself waitressing, etc.

I have a level where I offer weekly tarot card readings and even will dress up as one of my characters from one of my books/stories to deliver your reading upon your request.

I have a level where I'll edit your work for you.

In the fall, I'll get back to my Twitch tarot card reading stream, I had a super busy spring/summer with writing, editing for others, preparing my George Brown courses, taking a course and more, that you would know about if you are in my Patreon!

You can join for as little as $1 and can quit at any time. I won't hunt you down and ask why you quit, ask anyone who has sponsored me in the past, and quit. I never ask. It's your business why you come and go and I'm grateful for each and every one of you, even if you can't stay for more than a month!

I also think I FINALLY understand Discord and since Facebook is so full of U.S. politics all the time every minute, I'm using Facebook less. I'm going to be opening up a Discord just for my patrons and Twitch followers. Maybe even today.

People who join Patreon today have access to all past postings at their price level including drafts of stories and books that may or may not have been published.

I really enjoy having a Patreon. It keeps me motivated and hitting my deadlines.

Hope to see some of you behind the wall!

Sephera's Patreon