Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2015 Tarotscopes Predictions

What Does February 2015 Have in Store for You?

The Empress is relaxing on her throne of soft cushions. However she is very alert about what goes on in her field. She is the goddess of love, ruled by Venus, and her yearn for romance is going to spill over into your life, Aries. This month is about creation. Growing new projects, new relationships, perhaps even starting or adding on to the family. Whatever new ideas or projects you undertake in February will have significance by late August and will take about nine months to reach a steady pace towards full potential. The Empress is pregnant with possibilities so take a leap of faith and see what happens.

You will be tested to your limits this month, but your tenacity and endurance will pay off. You may have to stomp people and problems into the ground but in the end, you’ll likely be triumphant. After all, losing isn't really in your vocabulary. You may have a deep connection with someone, perhaps someone new, and though in your physical world you may not be together long, in your soul, you have known each other always and will cross paths again, whether in this world or the next.

The Knight of Swords truly does represent Gemini. Impulsive, impatient, always rushing around and into situations that you may or may not be able to escape. This month it’s prudent to refrain from jumping to conclusions. Don’t let people bully you into decisions you’re not yet ready to make. Mercury is still retrograde into the first half of February so your thinking may be more confused than usual. Take a deep breath, step back, let the facts fall into place. Don’t make any rash decisions and watch your sarcastic tongue. Your words may cut others and this won’t bode well for the future. Finish what you start.

You can’t put off that decision much longer. You have to face the consequences so just get on with it. The Two of Swords indicates that in this difficult choice, you’ve already weighed it all out, you know what you’re going to do, you just haven’t done it yet. It’s not going away so you’d better just do it. You will feel much better when you stop fooling yourself.  

The Page of Swords warns you to be patient and wait for the news. As Mercury is retrograde, there might be misplaced files or a something yet to be uncovered. A young person may need your attention and doesn't feel heard so this may lead to acting up. Watch for people who are picking fights with you. They aren't worth the effort.

There are many changes in store for you this month. Be prepared for a change in job or residence. If you’ve been neglecting any bills or repairs, be prepared for a backlash. You may suddenly solve a long-standing problem. You may find yourself falling in love or falling out of love. For calculating Virgo, some of these changes are going to feel startling but once the dust settles, you realize it was all for the best.

Everything is happening really fast this month, Libra. You may even be overwhelmed by the continuous onslaught of this and that. If you’re travelling, double-check your paperwork and documents. Expect delays in flights and that you’ll forget something in your luggage. With all the rushing around, you may overlook important information, so be certain you understand what is being asked of you.

You’re waiting for some news and it’ll come this week. You may find a new opportunity to earn an income, and your hard work is going to pay off for something else yet again after that. Keep focussed on what you want, for you are sure to get it. Your patience and pride in your craft will pay off in the long run. Listen to the messages your spirit guides/god/angels have for you.

This is a month of transformation. You are ready to discard bad habits and focus on what lies ahead. You don’t have patience for lolly-gaggers. They are either in for the ride or not. This is a good month to clean house from top to bottom; metaphorically and literally. If you have friends who are dragging you down, it’s time to say good-bye. Move on from the shackles of your past and gallop free towards new pastures.

This month you will find yourself being the hostess with the mostess. You will be doing a lot of socializing and this in turn will bring you those business opportunities you covet. You are never one to turn down an opportunity to wine and dine your way to a deal. Be careful that all is what it seems. You may meet someone who seems too good to be true. Read the fine print before doing any deals with this person.

Communication is highlighted as is legal work, and education. You may be dealing with institutions of learning. You may find yourself dealing with a man who has the characteristics of the King of Swords, ironically an air sign like you. You may have to put on your armour to bear the barbs of this person’s critical yet intelligent repartee. This month you will have no patience for fools and will be quick to analyse and discard pedantic situations. You may come off as stern but you still have your usual quirky sense of humour.


There are some answers you seek but you must wait. In the meantime, you need to tap into your inner goddess, and peel back the layers that harbour your spiritual side. Through deep reflection you may discover that the answers you seek are no longer important as greater issues press upon you. This is a good time to trust your intuition and let faith guide you.

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