Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Video Tarot Readings on Fiverr

I've decided to explore the Fiverr platform.

I can understand that some people might be hesitatant to order tarot readings through Paypal from someone they don't know. This is completely understandable.

So, in order to open up options for people to take advantage of my new video tarot readings, I've created a Gig for the service.

For only five dollars, you can enjoy a tarot reading created specifically for you.

Get Bang for Your Buck
In person tarot readings begin at $100 an hour, so you can see the great value this video tarot reading will have. If you've ever seen my tarotscopes on Youtube or you understand how a reading can be variable lengths. They are usually no shorter than one minute and can go up to five.

This is how it will be with the video tarot reading, only I'll be answering your questions. If you don't have a question, I'll decide on a spread to give you based on my meditation, and then pull it while you watch. I'll give you a reading for as long as it takes.

The Procedure
You order a video tarot reading from me on Fiverr. As of this posting, there is only one Gig under my name and that is for Video Tarot Readings.

When you send in your order, be certain to include your birth information including city and country.

I will create a video tarot reading for you on my phone camera. Then I will send it to either Dropbox or Youtube. I will send you the private link.