Sunday, April 22, 2018

Horoscope Predictions for Week of April 22, 2018

Check out your horoscopes for the week of April 22!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Book Me for Your Next Party or Event!

Do you want to book me for a gig in the Toronto area?

Do you want the security of a third party handling the booking and payment?

Now you can book me through GigSalad!

I'm looking forward to reading tarot cards at your event!

Please Leave a Review!


I'd love to have your help!

If I've ever read for you over the past decade, would you mind please leaving a review on that app down there?

I'm one of those people who never thinks to ask for reviews but now I need some!

I'm expanding my reach by joining GigSalad. If you've ever wanted to hire me but wanted to go through a secure third party, this is where you can find me these days. I used to work for 3 of Cups for many years but that company is on hiatus for now. There's a chance that if you're in the Toronto area, I've worked at your corporate or house party, maybe a private one-on-one reading in-person, by phone, or email. I may have read for you on Fiverr!

Thank you very much for giving me a review!

And if you have a corporate or private event coming up this spring, why not hire this tarot card reader to entertain your guests?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Free Lunch Time Tarot Readings Drop-In on Twitch!

Beginning on April 11, 2018, I will be offering FREE Lunch Time Tarot Card Readings from noon to 1 pm EST!

If you want to ask a question, type it in the chat window and I'll answer it.

I'll be answering questions in the order they are asked.

These will be quick little readings.

Please don't ask any questions about health or gambling!

I look forward to seeing you there!

For now, I'll be offering Free Lunch Time Tarot Card Readings every day at lunchtime.

Subscribe to my Twitch channel or Patreon to learn about the other times I'll be online for tarot card readings. I'll be doing spontaneous night time readings as well but you'll have to subscribe to my Twitch channel or follow me to know when I'm online!

Watch live video from sephera666 on