Sunday, December 20, 2020

Tarot Tuesdays Are A Thing!


I'm trying to get back to a regular routine for my free tarot card readings on Twitch so I've decided to keep trying to do "Tarot Tuesday." I figure that's an easy way to remember for those who are interested. 

One of the main reasons I am inconsistent on Twitch is because I have so many little gigs and commitments that can prove difficult to juggle even in these unprecedented times. I prefer to hop on Twitch during the day but sometimes I have to work at one of my gigs. 

But at least if I say "Tuesday" then at least I have a day nailed down. 

I'm playing around with the various times so follow me on Twitch so that you're notified when I go online. 

This week on Tuesday, December 22, I'm aiming for 1:30 P.M. EST.  I'm taking a class this week (and last week) and there are noon lectures, so instead of 1:00, I'll make it 1:30. 

Tarot card readings are one-card short readings. This is a public forum so you likely don't want your whole life on display. You say hello in the chat or even ask me to pull a card. I pull a card from the deck and give you information from it that might be relevant for a productive day.

Sometimes people ask questions. Sometimes people get to have more than one reading if it's slow. 

If you want a more personal reading, you can order one on Fiverr or the other platforms.

See you Tuesday!