Saturday, May 26, 2012

Haunted Mansion Project

Have you ever spent a weekend in a Haunted House?

Have you ever spent a weekend in a Haunted House with HORROR WRITERS?

In the fall of 2010, ten horror writers met at a haunted mansion to spend four days together. 

Joining them was a team of paranormal investigators who studied the house and reported their findings. 

The Haunted Mansion Project is a collection of the fiction, poetry, journals, real impressions, and investigative conclusions inspired by that weekend. 

E.S. Magill, Rain Graves, Nikki Boscia, Loren Rhoads, Sephera Giron, Kim Richards, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Christian Colvin, Dan Weidman, and S.G. Browne share their secret fears, desires and the disembodied voices of those from beyond. 

Remember the book, FRANKENSTEIN: THE MODERN PROMETHEUS by Mary Shelley? That book was inspired by a horror writers weekend.

Will any of us go on to write a classic like FRANKENSTEIN from our own experiences?

Only time will tell. 

In the meantime, we have a fabulously creepy book filled with fearful investigations, surreal incidents, and bonding through terror.

Haunted Mansion Project

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Here are pictures from my own personal collection from the HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT!

The hallways were creepy, ghosts or not!

Rain Graves writing a scary story!
Sephera Giron self-portrait looking for orbs. Hey, there's one on her eye!
Rain Graves and Sephera Giron share the room from hell!

One of the third floor rooms where NO ONE dared to sleep!

Writers writing. Never looks as exciting as it is!

Writers writing...

Bring it!

"Why do these batteries drain so quickly?" wonders Yvonne Navarro!

Everyone present and accounted for?

What the * was that?

This is my favorite spot to write at The Haunted Mansion
Me and the Ghost Girls!

Buy The Haunted Mansion Project Today! Read the spooky accounts of what really happened that weekend!

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