Rates for Tarot Readings

Reading tea leaves at a corporate function on Bay Street in Toronto.

"Wow. F**king. Wow. You were dead on. Now I know what to do. Your reading was mind-blowing." - Client Jeanna

"The tarot reading was super awesome and spot on!" - Client

Video Tarot Card Readings

I record a video of me giving you a reading. Length is determined by price. You can ask a question or don't ask a question. Send birth date, birth location of people being asked about if you know it, and any other information you see fit.

Mini Video Reading: $5

Short Reading: $10

Reading (Most popular!): $20

More details: $50

Super detailed. Can ask two or three questions: $75

Video Tarot Card Readings

For a RUSH job, please add $10!

For the best results for any type of tarot card reading include your date of birth. (day, month, year, place of birth)

If you are asking a love question or about anyone else, include his or her birth date as well if at all possible.

Payable by Paypal or EFT in advance.

When making your Paypal payment, plese include:

Date and place of birth
Date and place of birth for anyone else included in your question, if possible
Type of Reading being ordered if it's not clear.

Include your question with your Paypal Payment or EFT.

Ask the question. You can be specific or general.
You can ask about anything except gambling and health.

Written Reports by Email
Tarot Readings by email are the most popular choice because they are quick, easy, and inexpensive. There's no worrying about coordinating schedules or cancellations for storms or other reasons. If you have a question or concern or just want to know the general vibes surrounding your future path, just send a payment to PayPal with your question in it. I will answer your question as quickly as possible.

One Question - Written Reports

Mini Reading: $10
A simple "yes" or "no" and perhaps more detail if warranted.

Regular Reading (up to one page): $15
Answer is up to one page long. (up to 250 words)

More Detailed Reading (one to two pages):  $30

Very Detailed Reading (two to five pages): $50

Three Questions - Written Reports

Mini Reading: $20
Ask three simple questions that can be answered "yes" or "no"

Regular Reading: $50
Ask three questions and receive an answer to each question in this combo deal.

Full Reading: $75
Ask three questions and receive a detailed answer to each question in this combo deal.

One Question Written Report Tarot Card Reading by Email

Three Questions Written Report Tarot Card Reading by Email

Question answered between 24 hours and 72 hours.

For a RUSH JOB, please add $10. You can use this button!


Book your appointment today!

Let us know when you're ready to chat by phone or Skype.

One hour reading by phone or chat prepaid by Paypal to sephgiron @rogers.com: $100

30 minute reading by phone or chat prepaid by Paypal: $60


Private and Corporate

Tarot readings or tea leaf readings can provide a unique experience for guests.

Book a reader for private parties and corporate events in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, London, Niagara Region, Woodbridge, Scarborough...

Stag and Doe
Baby Showers
New Baby
Birthday Parties
Divorce Parties
Girls Night Out
Staff Appreciation
Customer Appreciation
Spa Days

CURRENT APPROXIMATE RATES (subject to change with amount of guests, location, type of party, type of service, distance, etc.)

$250 for the first two hours within the GTA. Travel costs for gas will be added beyond a certain perimeter.

$150 an hour after two hours until four hours.

Non-refundable deposit is required when booking.

Parties can include:

Tarot Readings (seated or strolling)
Astrology Readings
Numerology Readings
Tea Leaf Readings (allow fifteen minutes minimum per person)


$100 an hour in GTA, in your home or local coffee shop, office, etc.

$125 an hour and up beyond a specific area code.

First-time bookings require $50 non-refundable deposit towards the cost of the reading.

Email me with subject heading In-Person Tarot Reading Details for more details at sephgiron  @ gmail.com

In-person booking spots are very limited. There are only a few spots a month so please book in advance. Please email for available times:  sephgiron @gmail.com

Here are a few places that have hired Sèphera as a fortune-teller:

Selected Corporate Events 
Toronto Comicon
Fan Expo
Niagara Falls Comicon
1st Annual Something Strange Circus Sideshow
2nd Annual Something Strange Circus Sideshow
Fan Days
Guelph GenreCon
Limestone GenreCon
Ad Astra
World Horror Convention
Haunted Houses
Bar Mitzvahs
Rock Concerts
Shopper's Drugmart Corporate Office
Shopper's Drugmart Stores
Ontario Lottery Corporation
Design Exchange Gala
Big Brothers
Sherwood Group Mortgage Brokers
Winter Magic
Ice, Wine, Dine
Humber College (both campuses)
Magnum Food Brokers
Periodontal Associates
This Is London Club
Four Villages Community Health Centre
TPC Entertainment Company
Media Brands Canada
Central Eglinton Community Centre
Great Lakes Schooner Company
Black Box School Theatre
Your Events Etc.
Travel Alberta
Nice Agency

Ryerson Commerce Society
OPSEU Woman's Conference Diva Night
YMCA Toronto Bergamat Apartments
Psychic Brunch
Nine of Cups
Carnival Diablo
Ed the Sock
Port Credit Moonlight Madness
Port Credit Festivals
Ladybug Harbor
The Source Within

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