Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Who is Coming to Toronto!

I found this picture on the webiste of someone who is more into the Who than I am!

I was a new teen when I discovered the Who.

It was a rainy day in Maine and a few of us went to the movies. Some saw The Wind and the Lion. My brother and I chose "Tommy."

I really connected to the whole experience. The total trippiness of the photography and Ken Russells fucked up acid hallicination that tailored the movie, the music, the bizarre storyline, the creepiness of a summer in Maine. It just really, ha, rocked my world.

My brother loved it too and we've both been life long Who fans ever since.

I've seen them in concert multiple times, even twice before Keith Moon died.

Tommy opened me up to other rock operas too. Before that, I'd been more into opera, classical music, old broadway, and whatever my grandmother's record of the month club had sent. Finian's Rainbow was catchy, sure, but Tommy was hardcore.

I discovered the Who, well, Pete, played with stories in his work. Whether it was a "CONCEPT ALBUM" which was a popular catchpharase in the seventies or a full out rock opera, Pete always touched a nerve.

Quadrophenia is his other most known long work.

I saw the Quadrophenia tour in Toronto over a decade ago. I missed them the last two times they came to town so it'll be great to see them again in a couple of days.

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