Monday, November 26, 2012

Tarot Readings by Chat!

Photo by David Goodfellow Copyright 2012

I'm going to be available more to tarot read by chat for the next few days.

If you want to chat and I'm not on, pop me an email requesting an appointment. If I'm not doing my day job and am at home, I'll likely have a chance to answer your question.

In the past, I was always out and about, commuting, mom's taxi, walking the dog, at one point had a family of seven and so on.

But times have changed and I'm focusing more on doing the things in life that are meaningful to me.

Reading tarot is one of them.

I enjoy helping people or at least listening to their concerns and contacting the universe for messages to help them in their choices.

There's nothing magical about how we choose to make our own choices. But sometimes we need an outside eye to see the bigger picture and our own roles in the universe as a whole.

Sometimes what seemed so important, so gut wrenchingly neccessary isn't what it seems or what we wanted to begin with and in time can become a faded memory akin to a fleeting thought forgotten in a dream.

You can always count on life for changes so it's important to pay attention to the messages so  your transitions aren't

The tarot always provides the signposts we need when we need them the most.

I'm going to keep prices low for the holiday season while I try out the new chat room.

Sometimes there are specials where you can have the first three minutes for free so check back often!

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