Friday, November 30, 2012

Seeing Auras

Ellis Island Copyright Sephera Giron 2012
I still haven't quite put my finger on the whole aura thing.

It comes and goes for me.

When I used to play violin in an orchestra, I'd get swept into the music and see auras glowing and rising above us all as we played. Of course, it could have been the lighting since we always practised on a stage. But it was a strange transcendental sensation.

Rainbows or Halos
In school, staring at teachers teaching, I would suddenly see flashes of colours around their heads. When I was little, I just thought I saw things like everyone else.

Only when I was older and in fact, taking tarot classes in my thirties, that I realized I was seeing auras.

Of course I'd read tons about auras for years and even wrote a book with an aura painter in it. But I thought they were something like a Vegas show, not the gradual rainbows eminating from the tops of people's heads.

Relax When You Want to See
The reason I see auras when I'm watching a speaker is that they are usually rather static and sometimes have a plain back drop. As I listen to them and start to drift, my eyes likely lose focus and in that rather blurred state of actively listening and being in outer space, auras are easier to see.

Sometimes I meet people who have huge auras, not necessarily charisma and I can see them instantly.

When I'm preparing for a reading, I am more open and can see auras rather easily most of the time. If a party is really aggressive and there isn't a separate area, the whole metaphysical connection can shut down.

If I could paint, I'd be an aura painter.

Ellis Island photo by Sephera Giron Copyright 2012

Aura Painters
I've had two characters who are aura painters in my work.

The first is Aurora in The Witch's Field. She's a aura reader and painter and travels to psychic fairs with her friends.

The second is Teacher's Pet, a book about an aura painter and her new young eager student. The handsome protege's renderings contain more than auras. His paintings allow them to travel on erotic adventures in another land.

I don't really put much thought into auras. They're just there, like hair or fingernails.

Seeing Auras
Do you see auras?

Have your subject sit in front of a white background.

Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes.


Breathe deeply.

Meditate for a few minutes.

Open your eyes.

Focus past the subject.


The subject can talk or not, it's up to you.

Blur your eyes and relax.

Let your mind drift.

If you see colours, don't "look" at them just stay the way you are.

When you're finished, write down your experiences so that you don't forget.

Have fun!

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