Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do YOU Believe in Ghosts?

What's that you saw out of the corner of your eye?

It was gone before you could focus properly.

Was it just a trick of the light?

Was it a shadow?

A fleck in your eye?

Your nerves? But wait, you weren't nervous.

You were just sitting there.

And then a movement flickered just out of focus. As you turn to look, you have the sense something was there. And a chill floods down your spine as the hair on your arms bristle.

Sure most strange things can be explained.

Lights, dusts, bugs, animals, people playing tricks.

But now and again, things happen to us all that we can't explain.

Some of us shrug off these quirky little incidents, dismissing them as overactive imagination.

But sometimes, you can replay the scene over and over in your mind and realize that you can't come up with one single shred of an explanation.

So what do you believe causes "things that can not be explained?"

Is it our minds?

Are there really ghosts?


Resisdual energy?



Astral projections?

What is it at all?

What weird experiences have YOU had and how did you explain it in your own mind?

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