Friday, November 28, 2014

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The one year Tarotscope is a report that you receive all at once so that you can examine the energies and patterns that appear.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Tarot Readings by Email

As we go through life, we have questions about what lies in store.

Sometimes a tarot reading or other form of divination can provide clues to the energies we're likely to encounter.

A tarot reading can bring clarity to a problem, providing another way of viewing the situation.

Sometimes we discover blocks within ourselves that we weren't aware of or if we were aware of them, we have new tools to break through them, navigate past them, rise above them, steer clear of them...

It can be reassuring to know that someone we thought was misusing his power really is.

It can be reassuring to discover that we have more power and intuition than we realized.

A tarot reading isn't a matter of a tarot reader solving  your problem, your life, manifesting money, or finding you a lover. 

A tarot reading is an opportunity for you to experience self-awareness, to grow and learn from  your past experiences, to understand how you can use your own life skills to tackle an obstacle life has for you.

See what the tarot says about you today!

Special Halloween reading is $25 for one question and includes a personality profile. Please include your birthdate and that of anyone else you're asking about if you know it (ie. for a love reading).

Payment is required in advance to paypal under sephgiron

Please allow 12 - 48 hours for your email reading.

If you ever have any questions about my tarot services, please email me at any time at

I've been reading tarot professionally for nearly twenty years and no question is too weird or crazy for me!

Blessed be. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Free July Tarotscopes

See what's in store for you this month on my Youtube free monthly horoscope playlist.

Find your sign and listen to your forecast.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Insane Asylum, College Campus, Halloween Haunt: This place has it all!

Ah Powerhouse of Terror, how well I remember you.

It was a freezing cold October night as I waited in line. Since I was alone, I had no one to share my growing anxiety with but luckily there was an outside show with magicians and such. This was very clever planning from the organizers' point of view.

I don't really remember specifically which attractions they had since I've been to so many of these types of places and I keep my eyes shut most of the time. I hate going into haunted houses, as in the amusement park variety. Even as a kid, I hated them. I always go in and do the experience, but it's not my favourite thing. 
However, aside from the gory Halloween getups, beyond that, I had that chill. The one I occasionally get that in my interpretation means that there is something electrical around me. Spirit? Fuse box?

That creeped me out more than anything. Especially in the women's washroom which was full of ladies adjusting their costumes.There's a vibe.

The lake?

The generators?

I don't know.

The other day I decided to go over to see what was going on at the Powerhouse of Terror these days. Right now, it's part of Humber college curriculum. You can see how they've transformed the old buidlings into new buidlings for teaching and living.

What's interesting about the Humber college south campus is that it is rather new. When I was in university, it was a film production house for shows such as Street Legal.

Before that, it was an insane asylum.

I decided to go right to the Powerhouse of Terror as I continue to call it, though it hasn't been one in a while, and sit on the side stairs so that I wouldn't ruin pictures of the many people who drove by to take a shot. The doors were locked so I couldn't enter the building.

Before I sat on the stairs, I noticed a toad sitting by the wall. He let me take his picture.

I sat with my K2 meter for about an hour, seeing what I could see in broad afternoon outside of the building. Mr. Toad sat near me the whole time.

This is the view sitting on the steps looking out.

These are the steps I sat on.
My findings are that there is definitely something worth investigating further.

And I will.

The building must have a special kind of mirrored glass on it. This makes for cool picture taking.

When taking a picture such as this, there is no way to know what the camera is going to pick up until after the fact. 

I'm standing outside the building taking pictures into the building. Kind of cool, eh?

I'll be going back to the campus again. I've been there a few times over the years for various employment opportunities and will likely be going back for more. In the meantime, on a nice summer day, I may pop back over again to see what the spirits have to say.

Speaking of haunted Canadian campuses, that reminds me of a great horror anthology where all the stories take place guessed it...a college campus.

My story, "Can You See the Real Me?" is set on the thirteenth floor of a residence building at York University. In real life, yes I really did live on the thirteenth floor of residence for two years.

The book, Campus Chills, is edited by Mark Leslie and can be found in print and in eBook format on most platforms.

Have you had any paranormal experiences on a university or college campus?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Live from the Lizzie Borden House July 2014

In July 2013, The Supernatural Radio Show on Blogtalk Radio and hosted by Corrine De Winter, came to the Lizzie Borden House.

The show was broadcast live as Sèphera Girón and Lisa Mannetti read tarot cards for the spirits and callers who came through.

Other guests on the show included Heather Graham, Gardner Goldsmith, Dennis Cummins, Lee-Ann Wilber, and more.

On July 20, 2014, The Supernatural Radio will return to the Lizzie Borden House. Sèphera and Lisa will once again attempt to communicate with the spirits of Lizzie, Andrew, Michael, Abby, and whoever else wants to come through the portal.

Listen to last year's show. Stay tuned for this year's show information!

If you want to visit the Lizzie Borden house on July 20 with a group of horror writers and psychics and watch the live broadcast of the radio show, please check out this link: Lizzie Borden Ghost Hunt July 20 2014

Join ussssssss!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lizzie Borden House Overnight July 20 2014

Is staying overnight at the Lizzie Borden House with mediums and horror writers on your bucket list?

Have you always wanted to wander around a house where gruesome unsolved murders took place over a century ago on August 4, 1892? You know, the very same one you've seen on all the ghost hunting shows?

Have you always wanted to recreate the final morning of the murders by eating nearly the same breakfast as consumed by the Borden household and then take a trip to the nearby Oak Grove graveyard where the family is buried together?

Now's your chance!

On Sunday July 20, 2014, there are a limited amount of spots available to join several horror authors, tarot readers, and paranormal investigators on an overnight at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.

Members from Camp Necon are cordially invited to join us if you haven't previously signed up with Sephera Giron or Lisa Mannetti.

Anyone else curious about the house and who want to have a group experience with like-minded people and seasoned Lizzie experts are welcome.

We ask that participants are over 21 as this is an all night experience for most of the guests which is why we rent the whole house.

NEWS FLASH: For the second year in a row, Mediums Lisa Mannetti and Sèphera Girón will be broadcasting live from the Lizzie Borden House on the Supernatural Radio Show on Blogtalk Radio with host Corrine De Winter. 

WHERE: Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast
                Fall River, Massachusetts

COST: The more people who attend, the less it will cost. Budget for $150 including paying the tour guide and maids. Some years it's been as cheap as $85.

WHEN: Sunday July 20, 2014

Plan to arrive to the house by five if you wish to join the gang from Necon and elsewhere for a group dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Plan to be settled in by six thirty in order to be ready for the tour at seven which will last one and half to two hours.


5:00 p.m. There is a group dinner for people coming from the convention and anyone else who wants to join them. You are responsible for your own bill and a 20% minimum tip.

7:00 p.m. The tour guide will tell the story of the murders, the trials, and family history as you move through the house room by room.

9:00 Supernatural Radio Show on Blogtalk Radio with host Corrine De Winter will be broadcast live from one of the rooms of the house. It is asked that you are very quiet if you are in the house during the broadcast as Lisa and Sèphera will be channelling and reading for a live audience. Other horror authors will also be speaking about their experiences at the Lizzie Borden house on the show.

11:00 Free time

You have the run of the house with the exception of the basement and barn.

You may take pictures, take evps, conduct experiments with cameras, flashlights, lasers, whatever equipment you desire.

Sephera and Lisa will lead a group seance and read tarot with the spirits.

Sephera and Lisa will read tarot for people. Donations accepted.

It is not mandatory to participate in any activities however since people come from as far away as Canada to participate in this experience, please don't make any unnecessary noise in the house.

Some people (like Sephera) have never actually slept more than two hours because it's too scary to go to bed. Ironically people congregate in the room where Andrew was murdered if they aren't outside having heart attacks and googling nearby hotels. Some people hit the hay by eleven and sleep just fine until breakfast. It's up to you.


If you want to mock the tarot readers and ghost hunters, please do not come.

If you are a drunken mess, please don't come.

Please be respectful of people in a seance as it will be recorded even if you don't want to participate.

There is no alcohol allowed inside of the Lizzie Borden House.

There is no food allowed inside of the Lizzie Borden House.

There is no smoking inside of the Lizzie Borden House.

Coffee and tea are provided and must be consumed in the kitchen or outside.

The weather is usually fantastic and people smoke and snack by their cars.

Please don't use tape, tacks, nails, or any other adhesives.

Do not touch or alter the house in any manner.

Do not use the kitchen.

Bring in your own cups for water and coffee in the kitchen.

No real candles or incense.

Lisa and selected guests have Lizzie's room.

Sèphera and selected guests have Andrew Borden's room.

Rooms are given first come first serve. Several will share a room, two in a bed and cots depending on the number of people.

You must pre-register in advance through Lisa or Sèphera.

All questions welcome.

Do not book through the house as this is a special conference event.

For more information on how to attend please email asap so we can give a head count to the staff:

Sèphera Girón sephgiron @

Lisa Mannetti lisa.mannetti @

Here are links to last year's adventures at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

Live From Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

Notes from the Lizzie Borden House Part One

Notes from the Lizzie Borden House: Part Two

Notes from the Lizzie Borden House: Part Three

The Chancery House 

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Haunted Gladstone Hotel

It was a gorgeous day in May when I ventured over to the Gladstone Hotel.

My original destination was the Toronto Indie Arts Market.

The market sprawled across two floors and the vendors were varied and engaging.

Toronto has an enormous amount of indie art and this market is a great place for people to buy unique gifts for any occasion. The market occurs periodically so be certain to check out the website for the next one. If you're an artist, writer, photographer, button maker, or any other kind of creator, you can sign up for your own table on the website. Toronto Indie Arts Market

I've never really walked around the Gladstone Hotel, which is pretty funny when you consider I lived a block away from it back in the eighties when I was pregnant with my first child. It was a much different hotel back then. I was way too scared to ever go inside just by judging the rough and tumble regulars who hung around out front.

That Gladstone Hotel as I remembered it died twenty years ago.

Built in 1889, it has weathered Toronto's growth and change. It was a popular stopover destination and known to be the last call for alcohol until Hamilton in a stricter era. Over the years, it has been all gussied up and is a real delight to experience.

There was also a photographic exhibit throughout the hotel celebrating forty years of hip-hop. I followed the display.

There were lobbies on each of the two upper floors. The top floor had a different exhibit that was equally breath-taking.

While I was walking along the third floor hallway, I had one of my feelings. I hadn't gone into the hotel looking for ghosts. But one was waiting for me in the hallway. I walked through the top two floors twice each, and each time, that "Lizzie Borden House" feeling as I call it hit me in the same spot. I wish I had brought my K2 meter to see if there was a lot of wiring in that spot or what might be causing that sensation.

I was drawn to the elevator several times too though I wouldn't go on it. I'm not sure if I was allowed to but it looked like something out of a horror movie to me. I took a few pictures but haven't checked them yet for anything unusual.

A quick look through Google didn't turn up any real compelling ghost stories. There is mention of a piano player by Chris Mysterion and I have no doubt there's something going on in that room.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the locals still hung out there in the afterlife.

You never know what's going to happen in the oldest continuously running hotel in Toronto. I'd like to stay in a room one or two nights to see if I would have any experiences. If anyone else has ever had experiences at the Gladstone, please feel free to share below.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Donate to Keep Free Horoscopes Going!

Free horoscopes on Youtube are there for anyone to enjoy. Horoscopes consist of a short overview for the month. These forcasts are created by pulling one tarot card and considering planetary influences for the month, such as a mercury retrograde. The reading for each month is on an individual video so you should be able to find your sign on the playlist. You are welcome to share the videos on your blogs and websites.

If you'd like to donate to help with the cost of creating the free horoscopes, you can click the button below and donate any amount that you desire. No amount is too small, even one dollar is a blessing in these difficult times. We appreciate your donations and they help us bring you free horoscopes and other metaphysical content for the Tarotpaths experience.

Blessed Be!