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I am recording tarotscopes on a weekly basis for Romance Beat. The new tarotscopes go up every Friday, just in time for weekend planning. All you do is click on the individual sign to watch your own. It's free and easy. Let us know what you think!

Free Horoscopes on YouTube
Free horoscopes on Youtube are there for anyone to enjoy. These horoscopes or tarotscopes provide a short overview or snapshot for the month. These forecasts are created by pulling one tarot card and considering planetary influences for the month, such as a mercury retrograde,and how these would influence a specific sun sign. The reading for each month is on an individual video so you should be able to find your sign on the playlist. You are welcome to share the videos on your blogs and websites.

To get a better picture of how your month is shaping up, consider checking out the videos for these aspects in your astrological chart.

Which Signs Should You Watch?
Knowledge is power. If you know a bit about your chart, you may benefit from watching videos for other signs as well.

Sun Sign - Who you are as a person.

Moon Sign - Your secret side. We become more like our moon sign as we pass through middle age and into our golden years. Some people have the same sun and moon signs.

Rising Sign - This is your social face. When people first meet you, they may think you're this sign but as they get to know you, they'll see your sun sign. This is how people can sometimes seem like paradoxes or totally "opposite" of what their sun sign is.

You Can Help!
If you'd like to donate to help with the cost of creating the free horoscopes, you can click the button below and donate any amount that you desire. No amount is too small, even one dollar is a blessing in these difficult times. We appreciate your donations and they help us bring you free horoscopes and other metaphysical content for the Tarotpaths experience.

Blessed Be!

For your own personal tarot reading, be certain to click the Rates for Tarot Reading tab.

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