Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ghost Hunting at the Dollhouse Museum, Bertie Hall, Fort Eerie, Ontario

The weekend before Halloween, the P.I.S.T. paranormal group descended on The Dollhouse Museum, also known as Bertie Hall.

I was very excited as I'd been hoping to do an investigation there before the opportunity is lost forever, as no one is certain what will become of this historic residence in Fort Eerie, Ontario.  Information about Bertie Hall

There were going to be two investigations over Halloween weekend. The first one was the Friday night one that I attended.

The second one was the Saturday night, complete with a gourmet feast and séance.

It was a mind-numbingly cold night, at least in that house. I heard the first hail of the season while I was in the basement in the dark talking to ghosts.

Since I'm used to being abnormally cold most of the time, I had several layers of clothes on in anticipation of freezing cold haunted houses. It paid off nicely!

 There were thirteen of us, of course. We were split into groups and sent to various parts of the house to use our equipment.

I felt completely creeped out the whole time I was there but didn't "see" stuff like I had hoped.

On the cameras, there were all kinds of weird orb behaviour. Events happened that certainly couldn't be explained by bugs or dust.

These doll house rooms were creepy and I didn't stay long in any of them. I don't know why I didn't like them, it makes no sense, but I didn't.

It felt to me like there were ghosts around, just out of reach, hoping for a communication but reluctant for some reason. Perhaps there were too many people in the empty house?

But there were sightings when the museum was crammed full of dollhouses and people.

Events happened with the dollhouses. I suspect a lot of the spirits hitched a ride with their favourite dollhouses at the auctions.

This is the wall that was blocked off where the underground railroad used to be.

This is the false wall where soldiers from both sides would hide with the slaves during turbulent times.

I've not heard if people got good evps from it. There seemed to be the sense there would be some great ones. A few people could "hear" the spirits talking. The ghost boxes said some interesting things as well.

I'm very glad I attended the ghost hunt and would go again!

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