Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ghost Adventures on Alcatraz

The other day I watched the episode of Ghost Adventures where they went to Alcatraz.

They spent most of the investigation focused on a few cells in solitary confinement where several people unrelated to this particular investigation had felt something earlier that day.

As I watched, I remembered that I too had felt "something" in those cells when I was there in 2010.

Back in 2010, I went to San Francisco to attend the Haunted Mansion retreat. I arrived a few days early in order to visit with Rain Graves before we headed up to the mansion. While I was there, I went on the Alcatraz tour, which I had had arranged in Toronto, before I arrived in San Francisco. I highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible. I was unlucky in 2012 when I arrived in San Francisco without booking ahead because I wasn't sure there would be time to go. One morning I had a bit of time but there were no tickets, sold out days in advance.

At any rate, it was my second trip to Alcatraz, the first one being several years earlier when I attended the World Horror Convention.  The tour was packed and as before, I wore the headset and listened to all the re-enactments.

When we arrived at the solitary confinement area, a few of the end cells were open so people could go into them. The very ones investigated on TV. Hundreds of people were pouring in and out so I didn't expect to feel anything more than the creepy dread that had already snaked through my bones from the moment I set foot on the island.

I went into the cell and it was just as they said in the show. At the door frame, it feels like you've gone through a looking-glass into a topsy-turvy dimension. It felt evil. It was dark and horrible. I left quickly. I took selfies, some came out, some not. I took many selfies at the island so not sure if the ones I'm posting were really from the cell.

After I left the cell, my entire being changed. I was dark, sad, gloomy, nauseous, a sense of darkness over me. It felt like a hand clamping around my head and pressing.

It lasted for days.

Rainy herself said a couple of times that the Black Mass in the room at the Haunted Mansion might have been the "thing" I dragged back from Alcatraz. She felt it too.

So, to anyone watching that episode of Ghost Adventure, let it be known that what they are describing is real.

It actually freaked me out when I realized that they were examining the very cells that creeped me out. I thought they might pick up more in the off-limits areas such as the infirmary. But those cells, where thousands of tourists go in and out to see what solitary is like, still hold an evil residue from something.

On the show, they talked about an inmate who was killed in the cell by "something" and no one ever knew what. The reality was likely someone went in and killed him but the ghost hunters told stories about people seeing demons in 13 and 14. They also caught some creepy evidence which you'll have to watch the show to see for yourself.

After the Alcatraz episode, there was the Mustang Ranch episode. That was a creeper too. The "Do Not Disturb" sign reminded me of something that would happen at the Lizzie Borden house.

I see on their website that they are airing their Lizzie Borden adventure next week. Can't wait!

After walking around Alcatraz for a couple of hours, I was nauseated and sensed a "blackness" attaching itself to me.

Only the birds know the truth.

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