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Creepy Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans

Voodoo Queen Grave at St. Louis 1  Copyright 2013 S. Giron

The World Horror Convention and the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards Weekend were held in New Orleans June 13 - 16, 2013. Over five hundred lovers of darkness attended panels and workshops by day while cruising Bourbon Street, Frenchmen Street, and beyond by night.

The convention was held at the Monteleone Hotel. Any google search will turn up stories about incidents that have occurred throughout the hotel over the years. The area and the hotel is rife with history and the echoes of my own personal ancestry resonated in my soul.

Bonding with my birth city for the first few days, I didn't turn my attention towards ghost hunting until Saturday June 15. For an hour or so in the afternoon, I roamed the hotel, taking pictures on the rooftop, the fourteenth floor, and the lobby.
Hotel Monteleone Copyright 2013 S. Giron
 When I went to the rooftop, there were many people from the con in the pool. It looked like a good idea to float in the water for a while but I already was overbooked. My huge curiousity about New Orleans combined with my love of my horror peeps was nearly overwhelming. Even though I'd come in on Wednesday, it already felt like there wasn't enough time to do all that my soul urged me to experience.

Hotel Monteleone Copyright 2013 S. Giron
 I walked through the hallways of the rooftop level and snapped several pictures. The air was thick in many places, not thick from humidity, but thick in a psychic sense. There was a sensation of bustling and reserved submission as I peered into the banquet room. The staff were in the process of setting it up but it was empty during the brief minute I walked into it.
In my own room. I had experienced some phenomenon during the few times I was alone.
In all honesty, if I hadn't been out dancing til dawn every night, I likely would have many more stories to tell about room 737. In a way, I'm glad I don't.

Hotel Monteleone Copyright 2013 S. Giron
Something as innocent as a chair gave me a sense of being watched, of someone observing me, waiting for a moment to catch my attention, to touch me or more. Perhaps a sense of expectation of seeing ghosts had been built in but on this particular trip, ghosts were not the objective of my trip. My main focus had been the convention all weekend. I was so happy to be seeing my peers again. I hadn't been to a World Horror Convention since it'd been in Toronto in 2007. I haven't been to a Stoker Banquet since 2009 when I won the Silver Hammer Award.

Hotel Monteleone Copyright 2013 S. Giron

I've mentioned in other blog posts some of the unexplainable events that happened to me.

On Sunday June 16 around seven o'clock, I decided to take a shower and get ready for my last night to commune with Bourbon Street and any other fun activity that caught my fancy.

I was taking a shower, not thinking about ghosts at all.
It had been a long sweaty day walking by the river and once more along Bourbon Street so I revelled in the pounding water against exhausted filthy flesh.
Before I went into the shower, I had plugged my phone into the wall to charge and placed it on the bed.
 As I stepped from the shower, I heard three cries or perhaps moans. The sound reminded me of the sound a woman makes when she's being pleasured. Three "ah, ah, ah" 's.

Hotel Monteleone Copyright 2013 S. Giron
Since I always shower with the door open, not really on purpose, I just never shut it, and since I was in the open doorway when I emerged from the shower, I can guarantee the sound came from within my room and not through the walls or from the hallway.

Ever the skeptic, I decided it wasn't a ghost getting it on in the room but perhaps one of my friends had texted me. After all, my phone is set very loud and has two chirps. But what I heard was three.

I checked my phone and no one had contacted me at all.

The air in the room was thick. There was something in the folds of the atmosphere waiting to slip between the cracks. I hurried to get changed, tying off my corset as quickly as possible. I turned on my K2 meter to see if there was activity. Of course there was. Finally ready, I took my K2 meter with me to check out a room on the notorious 14th floor.Whoever was making the noise was welcome to make it some more...once I was safely gone.

Sephera Giron in Room 737 Monteleone Hotel

Do YOU have a story about the Monteleone Hotel? Share it in the comments section!

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