Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weird Tales of Terror is Weird!

Weird Tales of Terror is now available in print form too. The prices are as low as they can be for over 350 pages of horror, weirdness and erotica.

Currently, the e-book is $2.99 which is a great deal for six stories and a complete novel from an award-winning horror author.

The print book is only $12.99.

Weird Tales of Terror is for a mature audience. There are a couple of stories that have very explicit sex scenes. Other stories might be too gruesome for a younger crowd.

This book includes a full length novel about psychics from a psychic fair helping an older woman unravel a decades old mystery in The Witch's Field.

There are a couple of ghost stories and stories about insanity. All the stories have  horror or "weirdness" a la Twilight Zone in them.

This weekend's free treat on Kindle is: No One Listens and Release

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