Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ghost Gear

When you're ghost hunting, there's all kinds of gear you can use to communicate with the spirits.

There are devices for measuring fluctuations in temperature and electromagnetic fields.

You can order ghost hunting kits online from Ghost Hunting sites, Amazon, Ebay and more. Kits vary in quality and what products you may receive so research what products you desire before you place your order to avoid disappointment.

This witchboard was bought in Salem and belongs to P.I.S.T. and can be quite effective in finding answers to questions. You use a pendulum over the board to answer questions.

We've all seen many versions of Ouija boards over the years. This particular one belongs to P.I.S.T.
Many people won't use Ouija boards because it's hard to know what exactly you're calling into this world, even if you're a professional medium or witch. Always use Ouija boards with good intent, great caution and never use it as a joke. 

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