Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pay What You Want Tarot Readings!

Hello Again!

I've been enjoying doing Pay What You Want tarot readings for you. 

My computer is pretty much dead and I need to buy a new one asap!

So, once again, I'm offering Pay What You Want tarot readings!

This round of readings will be done by video as I can't count on having a working computer to write up the reports. However, my phone works and I can record videos on it just for you!

So ask your questions or, if you don't have a question, just ask for whatever message there might be for you.

It's great if you can include your place and date of birth. If you are asking about other people, please include their date of birth as well.

You are also able to make a straight donation if you don't want your fortune read. Just leave your message in the notes. 

Thank you for your order and have a fantastic day!

Offer Ends July 31, 2017

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