Sunday, June 29, 2014

Insane Asylum, College Campus, Halloween Haunt: This place has it all!

Ah Powerhouse of Terror, how well I remember you.

It was a freezing cold October night as I waited in line. Since I was alone, I had no one to share my growing anxiety with but luckily there was an outside show with magicians and such. This was very clever planning from the organizers' point of view.

I don't really remember specifically which attractions they had since I've been to so many of these types of places and I keep my eyes shut most of the time. I hate going into haunted houses, as in the amusement park variety. Even as a kid, I hated them. I always go in and do the experience, but it's not my favourite thing. 
However, aside from the gory Halloween getups, beyond that, I had that chill. The one I occasionally get that in my interpretation means that there is something electrical around me. Spirit? Fuse box?

That creeped me out more than anything. Especially in the women's washroom which was full of ladies adjusting their costumes.There's a vibe.

The lake?

The generators?

I don't know.

The other day I decided to go over to see what was going on at the Powerhouse of Terror these days. Right now, it's part of Humber college curriculum. You can see how they've transformed the old buidlings into new buidlings for teaching and living.

What's interesting about the Humber college south campus is that it is rather new. When I was in university, it was a film production house for shows such as Street Legal.

Before that, it was an insane asylum.

I decided to go right to the Powerhouse of Terror as I continue to call it, though it hasn't been one in a while, and sit on the side stairs so that I wouldn't ruin pictures of the many people who drove by to take a shot. The doors were locked so I couldn't enter the building.

Before I sat on the stairs, I noticed a toad sitting by the wall. He let me take his picture.

I sat with my K2 meter for about an hour, seeing what I could see in broad afternoon outside of the building. Mr. Toad sat near me the whole time.

This is the view sitting on the steps looking out.

These are the steps I sat on.
My findings are that there is definitely something worth investigating further.

And I will.

The building must have a special kind of mirrored glass on it. This makes for cool picture taking.

When taking a picture such as this, there is no way to know what the camera is going to pick up until after the fact. 

I'm standing outside the building taking pictures into the building. Kind of cool, eh?

I'll be going back to the campus again. I've been there a few times over the years for various employment opportunities and will likely be going back for more. In the meantime, on a nice summer day, I may pop back over again to see what the spirits have to say.

Speaking of haunted Canadian campuses, that reminds me of a great horror anthology where all the stories take place guessed it...a college campus.

My story, "Can You See the Real Me?" is set on the thirteenth floor of a residence building at York University. In real life, yes I really did live on the thirteenth floor of residence for two years.

The book, Campus Chills, is edited by Mark Leslie and can be found in print and in eBook format on most platforms.

Have you had any paranormal experiences on a university or college campus?

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