Friday, December 21, 2012

Solstice Smiles

photo copyright S. Giron 2012
Everyone has personal battles in life.

We have triumphs and failures.

We live through dreams and nightmares.

Another Solstice has arrived.

As this long night journeys towards dawn, I count my blessings.

I have health and love.

I have family and friends.

I love so many people deeply even if I haven't seen them in months or years.

I am filled with gratitude at the wisdom my life's journey has taught me this past fifty years.

This Solstice brought great news from several fronts and indicates a fresh chapter as a brand new year will begin.

The future looks bright. I know it's still going to be hard, unrelenting work but I also know that it's worth every step up the hill so that I can finally see the view. And will have time to play with dear friends once more.

I have a lot of gratitude for the life I'm living right now. What would I really do with a mansion? With a castle? With an island? I still would just sit in the same room day after day writing.

And so I'm grateful for having the ability to write, for health, for heat and hydro and a somewhat decent home.

I'm very grateful to have peace, no arguments or hysterics. Just a calm quiet artistic household as it should be.

I marched in the parade, I banged my tambourine and held my candle. I watched the fire dancers and the huge bonfire. I cried tears of gratitude as I realized how much my life has finally moved foward in ways I never dared to dream. I am stronger than I ever thought. I will make it. My lovely talented friends will all make it. When we have love for life and fill it with people we love, we have everything.

We don't need to experience this joy only once a year. We can draw upon this love whenever we desire.

Blessed Be. What are YOU grateful for?

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