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Ghost Hunting on a Date?

Ghost Hunting on a DATE?

Whether it's the first date or the fiftieth, finding a new adventure can be a brain-racking time-consuming experience. Sure a dinner and a movie can seem like a treat, especially once the kids come along but sometimes there's a yearning and curiosity to try something else.

But what?

What About Paranormal Romance?

No,  I don't mean curl up with a romance novel on a Saturday night, alone again. I was thinking of adventure combined with spooky along with ample opportunity to cling together in the dark in a haunted house or other establishment.

Thanks to the popularity of paranormal investigation shows, ghost hunting groups are popping up all over the place.

See if there's a local group conducting hauntings in your town. With the nice weather, there are groups popping up all about Toronto. You can check meet-up groups and other such blogs for more information about what paranormal activity might be going on in your town.

Even if you can't find any groups in your town, or if there aren't any conducting any paranormal investigations on the night in question, you can figure out your own paranormal activity.

Ways to Enjoy a Paranormal Evening

  •     book a night in a haunted hotel
  •     find the local paranormal investigation group and book them for an evening
  •     walk through a cemetary or other haunted property, with permission of course
  •     organize a ghost hunt with several friends at a local haunted establishment
  •     go on one of the local ghost walk tours that are often offered to tourists
  •     read about haunted places in your city then organize your own ghost walk
  •     visit a pet cemetary
  •     have a seance in a haunted establishment
  •     take pictures and make recordings of your date.

Paranormal Equipment List

Here are a few ideas for tools to take on your paranormal investigation depending on your goals and location:

  •     Flashlights and batteries
  •     Camera: digital, film, video, movie, still
  •     Batteries, lots of batteries: Bring your charger. Paranormal activity and cold spots have a habit of draining batteries
  •     Recorder: digital, tape
  •     Notepad and pens
  •     K2 meter
  •     themometer
  •     laser grid
  •     infra red camera
  •     extension cords
  •     duct tape
  •     string
  •     scissors
  •     cell phone apps such as Ghost Radar
  •     sweater
  •     blanket
  •     tarot cards
  •     ouija board
  •     pendulum
  •     coat hangers (for dowsing)
  •     any augury device such as runes
  •     ghost box
Open Your Mind

Choosing a paranormal activity for a date would work well for most types of people who have an open mind. After all, though communication with the spirits should be conducted in reverence, the appeal of spending a dark night together with adrenaline racing can open the portals to a memorable bonding adventure.

You will have stories for years about how scared you were or weren't, how the equipment worked, what happened at midnight, what the orbs in the photographs really could have been, if the medium was a fake, and so on.

The point is that this is a shared experience where no one had a vested interest in the outcome and you may have learned something new about each other. It also is quite safe even if you do scare yourself.

Here's a link that might be helpful:

Ghost Hunting Gear 

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